July 2022

Expert Picks from the Hip Contemporary Art Fair Frieze

Helen Varola, art advisor to billionaire real estate moguls and global asset management firms shares her picks at the new Frieze contemporary art fair that has taken over New York this week.

Money comes and goes, and the hip contemporary art fair Frieze has arrived on steroids in New York during “Billion-dollar Art Week,” casting shimmering SO-IL designed light on a market for everything.

Frieze also offers great aesthetic adventure and happenings where it’s not just business as usual. At Paris’s Galerie Chantal Crousel, the New York collective Reena Spaulings has produced a series of monochrome paintings on pizza boxes, that came from last fall’s Occupation Wall Street’s Zuccotti Park anti-capitalist protests. Going contrary to the commercial art fair model seeking to engage viewers interactively, look out for Latifah Eckakhch’s outdoor tumbleweed installation and Uri Uran’s medical examination inspired by the psychiatric hospital on Randall’s Island. A good place to start or end one’s excursion into the art world.

A work by Barbara Kruger at the Spruth Magers booth, Photo © Ben Davis

A commanding wall-filling “Too Big to Fail” by Barbara Kruger, Mark Wallinger’s resolutely tiny, unheroic “The White Horse” due to be blown up to gigantic proportions into a 164-foot high public artwork in Kent, England and an unassuming but politically potent Walid Raad piece sums up the ridiculous to the sublime.

Mark Wallinger's "The White Horse," 2011, Courtesy Anthony Reynolds Gallery

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