August 2022

Fitness Guru Tanya Becker: Get On-Demand Access to Physique 57

MM: You are the choreographer and lead instructor in Physique 57 DVDs, and we are so excited to announce that you have just launched online workouts (Nov 8)! There’s something so exciting about the accessibility of the Physique 57 workout at home. What can we expect from these new workouts?

TB: We are really excited to bring new content and a new workout medium to our existing clients, as well as to reach new clients who haven’t had tried our workouts yet.  Our new online workouts are available on demand, allowing people to workout with Physique 57 anytime, anywhere through pay per class options or monthly subscriptions with unlimited access to classes.

In terms of class variation, we created new workouts in a 30-minute format to offer a fast, effective way for busy clients to squeeze in a workout. These workouts aren’t even available in studio so it’s really a great way to sample a new style of Physique 57.  Our Physique Cardio workout is geared towards cranking up the heart rate through fast-paced sequences of planks, pushups, and lunges.  Physique F.I.T., Focused Interval Training, is the program I teach.  The exercises hone in on trouble spots like love handles and saddle bags, offering serious targeted trimming.  After having twin babies earlier this year, this was something I personally needed and I knew others would benefit from as well. I was serious about getting it right!

In addition to developing new content, we’ve also adapted some of our classic Physique 57 DVD workouts to the online platform making it more convenient for more people to access the workouts through a more modern medium.  Our goal is to continue to add content so that clients stay energized and never get bored.

MM: In addition to creating the Physique 57 technique, you have a background in dance and musical choreography. You have experience in live productions as well as television and film. What is the most exciting part of creating a fitness empire and dedicating your life to help others get fit?

TB: I wake up everyday feeling grateful that I will spend my day helping others strengthen their bodies and empower themselves while doing something I absolutely love. An added plus is the Physique 57 team.  I’m inspired by the talent and dedication of our entire staff. I feel truly blessed!

MM: You recently had twins (congrats!), gained and then lost 70 lbs! How did you approach losing the baby weight? Any tips for new moms to stay motivated?

TB: Thank you! Carrying and giving birth to my twins, Faith and Clark, was the only thing more strenuous and more rewarding than a Physique 57 workout!  I had a very difficult pregnancy and suffered from severe daily nausea during all three trimesters and Gestational Diabetes. For someone who’s used to working out and teaching classes every day, this was a tough pill to swallow. I couldn’t wait for my babies to arrive and to get back to the barre.

The road back was tough.  My abdominal muscles were weakened by the pregnancy and delivery. I wasn’t able to snap right back into the same level of workout intensity that I’d been capable of pre-pregnancy. I had to remind myself of the same advice I’d always given clients.  Take things one day at a time, do my personal best each day and build on it the next.  Each person is different.  You have to listen to your own body and mind.

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