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July 2021

Food Allergy Initiative

How to Manage Food Allergies

My child has recently been diagnosed with food allergies. Where can I find information about food allergies along with various resources to help manage them?

Read about FAI and some of Ask Melissa’s top allergen free foods below.

food-allergy-initiative-img1 FOOD ALLERGY INITIATIVE provides insightful information on how to manage food allergies, in particular how to manage those more commonly found in children today. Since serious food allergies have been on the rise for the past ten years, particularly among children, companies have created facilities to produce foods that do not contain any trace of the most common allergens. A food allergy can be life changing, therefore FAI provides the most current information and latest allergy findings in order to make these allergies more manageable.

The Food Allergy Initiative (FAI) was founded in 1998 by concerned parents and grandparents. There is no cure for food allergies and strict avoidance of problem foods is the only way to prevent an allergic reaction. Even the slightest trace of the wrong food may trigger anaphylaxis, a potentially fatal reaction. Once an anaphylactic reaction begins, the only way to control it is emergency administration of epinephrine (EpiPen or Twinject).

FAI strives to make the world a safer place for people with food allergies through public policy initiatives and by building awareness among the media, health care workers, food manufacturers, education and childcare professionals, camps, and restaurants.


take-in-case-epipen TAKE IN CASE When an allergic reaction breaks out, the EpiPen can be a life-saver. The Take In Case makes it easy and convenient to carry an EpiPen. The case slips onto the leg, which makes this a great product for children while at school or playing sports.


select-wisely SELECT WISELY Explaining food allergies when dining out can be complicated, but even more so while traveling outside the U.S. Select Wisely have created food and travel translation allergy cards to ease the process. Each card has an image illustrating the allergy with a big “NO” circle through the graphic along with a translation of the allergy. The cards are available in a variety of languages.

The cards are aimed at adults traveling abroad, but are also useful for children with food allergies. The cards are also useful for your child’s babysitter, can be placed in your child’s backpack on the first day of preschool, or can be used as an alert card for school field trips.


enjoy-life-foods ENJOY LIFE FOODS has created allergen free cookies, granola, snack bars, chocolate chips, and chocolate bars. We recommend the Sunbutter Crunch snack bar, this crunchy, salty and sweet snack bar has a rich “nutty” flavor. The salty trail mix is a healthy and delicious snack option and free from peanuts and tree nuts.


divvies-popcorn DIVVIES Divvies popcorn is free from hydrogenated oils and made specifically for people with food allergies in a facility free from peanuts, tree nuts, milks, and eggs. The popcorn is available in the following flavors: caramel, chocolate caramel, and kettle corn. In addition, Divvies offers cookies and candy. A portion of every gift box of cookies purchased is donated to the Food Allergy Initiative.


izzie-b-allergy-free-cupcakes IZZI B’S ALLERGY FREE CUPCAKES Pam Nicholas’s daughter, Isabella, was just about to turn one when she was diagnosed with an egg allergy. Determined to find a delicious allergy free cupcake, Pam began experimenting in the kitchen so Isabella could celebrate her first birthday with a cake.

Having trained at the French Culinary Institute, working along side of some of the most notable chefs, Pam founded Izzi B’s Cupcakes. Made using agave and evaporated cane sugars and free from refined sugars, the cupcakes are mostly organic and vegan. They are also free of the following ingredients: honey, seeds, beans, apples, wheat, soy, eggs, gluten, dairy and nuts. Izzi B’s Cupcakes taste just like ‘real’ cupcakes (chocolate is definitely a favorite), the frosting is incredible.

* Izzi B’s Cupcakes are available starting May 15th.

To inquire about cupcakes for upcoming birthday parties contact Pam Nicholas at: izzibcupcakes@yahoo.com

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