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July 2022

Foot Petals, $9.49

foot-petalsTina Aldatz was a fashionista working for BCBG Max Azria, who couldn’t resist the urge to strap on a pair of killer stilettos. Unfortunately, like so many other women, Tina had to endure pain for the sake of fashion.

After extensive research, design, and engineering, Tina founded Foot Petals, a company devoted to delivering relief and comfort to women unable to resist the urge to throw on a pair of sky-high heels.

Foot Petals specializes in a variety of shoe accessories. As the original designer shoe cushion, Foot Petals insoles are discreet and invisible in even the sexiest of shoes.

Foot Petals have become a staple in the shoe wardrobes of celebs like Marcia Cross and Justine Bateman.

Below are some of Ask Melissa’s favorite “sole-savers.”

Strappy Strips:

For a blister free night, apply Strappy Strips to any thin shoe strap to keep straps in place. Strappy Strips keep feet looking pretty by preventing shoe straps from cutting into feet which can leave unattractive red marks. Strappy Strips are great for sandals, sling-backs, thongs, and flip flops.

Tip Toes:

Tickle your toes with Tip Toes, flower-shaped cushions for the balls of your feet. These cushions stop feet from sliding forward, preventing toe overhang and toe scrunch. They also help to avoid calluses and protect bones and tissues.

Heavenly Heels:

Feel like you are walking on air with Heavenly Heels. These strip cushions keep heels from slipping in and out of shoes, easing friction and preventing blisters. Heavenly Heels can be placed inside shoes anywhere your shoes don’t quite fit. Apply them on the inside of a mule, boot, or shoe.

To learn more about Foot Petals: www.footpetals.com.

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