July 2022

Get Ahead of The Curve And Make Next Season’s Trends Work For You This Fall

New York Fashion Week is under way, and as usual, it is a strong showing for some of fashion’s most talented and creative minds. Fashion and beauty mavens snapped photos in hopes of capturing a glimpse of what will be the upcoming Spring season’s dominant trends, with the latest looks proving to be quite diverse: from “no makeup” makeup to bold eye shadow. Setting the stage for what’s to come, Gail Sagel, makeup expert, President and CEO of FACES Beautiful and creator of the Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup, shows your readers how to make next season’s trends work for them now.

Bold Brows

Strong, bold brows aren’t going anywhere. A longtime proponent of a more dramatic eyebrow, the fashion industry stands firm that the looks of thin, washed-out brows are behind us. “There are few things that can transform a face as much as the perfect eyebrow. With this particular look, you’ll need to be careful, as it can be too dramatic for everyday wear if it’s not done correctly,” says Gail.

Quick Tips

· To achieve this look, go a few shades darker than your original eyebrow color. For example, if you’re blonde, don’t go for a black brow. Stick with the same color family.

· Instead of using an eyeliner pencil, which is tempting because of its more manageable size, use a shadow that is almost matches the shade of your eyebrow color. Create a line at the base of the eyebrow and blend upward, using an eyebrow brush.

· Keep other makeup minimal: make your brows the star of the show.

Red Lipstick

Whether it’s a strong, orange-tinted color or a deep, cranberry hue, red lipstick made a big splash at Fashion Week. It’s clear that this classic look hasn’t gone out of style. However, Gail notes: “It’s important to choose the right shade of red for you, and there is one for everyone! Take your time testing out your favorite shades and settle on one go-to product for the most flattering results.”

Quick Tips

· For cool skin tones, opt for a bluish red, and warm skin tones should stick to orange or yellow-based reds. Don’t be afraid to blend: sometimes, the best color is the result of a perfect mix.

· To keep the color in place, apply lip liner around the outer rim of your lips.

· Don’t overdo the rest of your makeup. Bold lips call for all of the attention.

Bright Eyes

This is a delicate trend. Although it was all over the runways, it can look like a paint-by-number project gone awry if you don’t take the right approach. But who can resist this vibrant, fun look? Gail gives her input: “The most important thing to remember with this trend is to be careful, and to choose colors that work with your skin tone. Reserve this look for night, and have fun with it!”

Quick Tips

· Applying dramatic colors is just like applying any other shade, except that you need to be more mindful of layering and blending. Keep in mind, you want to draw attention to your eye, but you don’t want to drown out the rest of your features.

· Choose matte shadow as opposed to metallic. With an already intense look, shimmer isn’t necessary.

· Use black eyeliner and mascara to contrast the brightness of the hue. Keep other makeup to a minimum.

“No Makeup” Makeup

With the rest of Fashion Week’s trends being all about the bold and the bright, one trend emerged as the subtle, easy-to-wear look. However, natural looking makeup can actually be one of the most difficult trends to pull off. Gail suggests, “Start by creating a flawless look for your skin without applying too much makeup. Remember, you want to keep it natural, so don’t clean out your makeup bag: a solid, reliable foundation and a concealer to touch-up are all that’s needed for the base.”

Quick Tips

· Choose a cream blush that reflects the closest shade to your natural flush color. Cream-based blushes are easier to blend.

· Define your features – this is the most important part of achieving this look. Shade eyelids with a soft, natural tone that is either the same hue or a shade darker than your natural skin tone. If you’re a girl who loves her shimmer, a little goes a long way here. To make eyes pop, brush on a coat or two of mascara.

· For lips, stick to your natural shade and go with a moisturizing, lightweight tint. This is a look that can be worn anytime, so keep it in your repertoire as a go-to option!

For more information on makeup application and beauty trends, visit www.FacesBeautiful.com.

Image Cutesy: Gail Sagel

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