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September 2020

Get Your (Virtual) Groove On

If you’re still mourning the loss of Napster, your MP3 player is your baby, and your musical appetite is insatiable, these AskMelissa Best Kept Secrets solve your music price/space dilemma.


Amie Street

Remember Econ 101? Supply and demand. Basic, right? So why do music sites (did we hear someone say iTunes?) charge upwards of 99 cents for songs by bands no one’s heard of? The founders of Amie Street apparently didn’t sleep through class. Instead, they created a site that lets its users determine the cost of each song. The more a song is downloaded, the higher the price—although Amie Street caps prices at 98 cents per download, and more obscure songs are frequently free. Heard of the Sugar Plum Fairies? Their “First Rate Show” is 46 cents. Indie darling Cat Power’s cover of “New York, New York” is 98 cents. Just enter your email, create a user name and password, then browse away. Alan Greenspan would be proud.



You Google. You IM. You Facebook. You tweet.
And now . . . you blip. It’s time to throw another nonsense verb into the virtual mix, thanks to Blip.fm. Think of Blip.fm as Twitter for audiophiles. Just register a DJ name and password under your email address, and the site allows you to share—blip—your favorite songs with friends along with your pithiest, under-150-character comments. They in turn can blip you back, or give you—or a fellow Blip.fm DJ— virtual “props” for a job well done by clicking “thumbs up”. Search the song you want, and even create playlists to share. We’ve already blipped our favorite happy summer songs—think “I Get Around”, “Come on, Eileen” and “Summertime”. Now, go forth and tweet and IM about AskMelissa and this Best Kept Secret . . . then update your Facebook status—you know you want to!



Spiders? No problem. Heights? A nonissue. Losing our massive, hard-earned music collection to a virus or hard-drive crash? Now that’s a phobia we need treatment for. BlueTunes to the rescue. We logged in by creating a user name and password. Then, we uploaded our precious music to our account, where it is living virtually and safely. With blueTunes, we were able to upload 100 of our songs free. After that, it was a penny for each upload. The bonus? We can now access our tunes remotely from any computer, and we can share music through Facebook, playlists and widgets. This is the real surround sound!

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