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December 2022

Glasses Provide Perfect Winter Fashion for Eyes

Did you know wearing glasses can actually change the way other people see you? Well, according to a study conducted by the British College of Optometrists, people who wear glasses are often viewed as smarter and more professional. In addition, the study showed if you’re wearing glasses, you are more likely to get a job than if you aren’t wearing spectacles. So, it’s important you don’t just look at your glasses as a tool with which to see better, but also as a way to look better on a daily basis.

The Best Glasses for the Start of 2014

Want to purchase the best, most fashionable pair of glasses for the beginning of 2014? Then you need to start by analyzing the shape of your face first. For example, if you have a round face, Real Simple recommends you pick a square or angular frame that will make your face look thinner and longer. Even the most stylish pair of glasses out there isn’t going to look good on you if you choose the wrong shape for your face.


Photo by Flickr user Idhren

Don’t Just Pick One Style

If you can afford it, InStyle recommends having several different pairs of glasses on hand. This fashion mag says glasses are a great way to “showcase your different moods and styles.” One of the best ways to stretch your eyewear dollars is to purchase affordable glasses through Vision Direct, an online retailer. As with clothing, sometimes it is best to have several inexpensive fashionable and trendy pieces in your collection in addition to one or two expensive staples in order to give you the most style options.

Image by Flickr user Kris Krug

Better than Concealer

Did you stay up too late the night before partying, or do you have a colicky baby that keeps you from sleeping at night? If so, you’re probably paying for your lack of sleep with dark circles or bags under your eyes. A pair of attractive glasses with a small frame can help you conceal those flaws. You just need to make sure the bottom rim of your glasses will cover those puffy bags and dark circles.

Change It Up

There will be times this fall when the best fashion statement for your eyes may be no glasses at all. For example, if you are planning on showcasing a pair of ornate, dangling earrings, you may want to opt to wear contacts — if you own them — instead of glasses. Remember, if your point is to bring attention to the stunning pair of earrings you are wearing, you don’t want anything, even your glasses, to detract from them.

Another reason why you might want to opt for a no-glasses look is if you want to try out this season’s makeup trends. Harper’s Bazaar says one of the looks for winter, is a dramatic cat eye. This is one of those looks you don’t want to hide behind glasses. You may even want to accent a colorful cat eye with matching colored contact lenses — for example, an icy aqua cat eye could be set off with dramatic deep blue contact lenses.

Cat Eyes

Photo by Flickr user Ashley Harrigan

On the other hand, if you decide to wear interesting glasses, minimize your eye makeup. Instead, opt to go bold with your lip color.

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