March 2023

How to Get the Natural Eye Look with Celebrity Makeup Artist Sue Devitt

Warmer weather means you want to keep your make-up routine clean and simple.  International celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt shows us how to create a natural eye look in 4 easy steps and gives us lots of tips on how to get it right!


1) Use a medium neutral eye shadow to coat the eyelid with an eye base brush for softness and color.

Tip:  Apply above the crease so it doesn’t set your eyes backward.  


2) Apply ivory eye shadow right underneath the brow bone to highlight and help blend in the colors.

Tip: Blend with your fingertips for a natural-looking skin texture.


3) Define around the top and bottom lashes with a dark chocolate shade, using a lash line definer brush to subtly bring out color of the eye. Applying a touch of color underneath helps to bring out the color of your eye.

Tip: Touch-up concealer as necessary after applying eyeshadow and liner.


4) Apply a few coats of mascara.

Tip: Wiggle the brush from the root out to the tip to add both depth and volume to your lashes.


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