July 2021

How-to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Tips from Exhale Spa’s Nutrition Intuition

Jeremy spoke on the deception of organically labeled fruits and veggies and advised that local produce should be your first choice, speaking highly of farm stands and local farmers markets. A good rule of thumb in buying organic or not is to skip on peel’able produce like oranges or bananas since you won’t be eating the rind anyway. Jeremy also shared Rouge Tomate’s wonderful and thoughtful practice of using local and sustainable foods that are delicious and still offer maximum nutritional value.

Our exhale team, Laura and Rachel spoke about our holistic lifestyle approach to wellness and health, and important ways in which good nutrition contributes to beautiful skin. The largest organ on the body, skin too needs a little tlc! Regular skin care skin care therapies and massages which help tremendously in reducing stress and restoring a feeling of well being contribute greatly to achieving beautiful skin.

It was so great to have over fifty of our exhale guests enjoy a 45 minute detox yoga practice with teacher Stephanie Eris and then stay for our panel discussion and book signing- with a delicious BluePrintCleanse refreshment in between!

There is a synergetic relationship between yogic movements and breath with healthy food and water. We are at our most optimal health when we are exercising, eating well, getting plenty of rest and enjoying life. This is what we all strive for; this is living well.  When you evaluate happiness and peace, it’s about the bill of your health, not the size of your paycheck. Your greatest chance to maximize your health is through the foods that you eat and the techniques that you use to manage stress with exercise. If these ideas or suggestions cause you stress, then take them in smaller doses- moderation is key. You’ll begin to see how it all falls in to place because every aspect of living well is complementary within itself and your INTUITION will fuel your NUTRITION like never before!

fred-devito-bioFor over 30 years, Fred DeVito has taught New Yorkers to live healthier, leading fitness classes at the acclaimed Lotte Berk Method Studios, and more recently, at Exhale Spa, where he serves as Executive Vice President of Mind Body Training. With his wife and partner, Elisabeth Halfpapp, Fred developed the Core Fusion Program, a regimen that combines elements of Pilates, yoga, barre exercise, and cardiac conditioning. Through DVD sales and Exhale’s 18 locations, Core Fusion has helped thousands of people develop tighter abs, leaner muscles, and more athletic, toned bodies. Fred can be reached at Fred DeVito.
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