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September 2022

Musical Up & Comer Rachel Furner

Rachel Furner

By Hattie MacAndrews

Rachel Furner is so cute, she should be edible. At just 17 years old, Rachel’s another young artist taking the music industry by storm.  However, she’s not just ‘another’ young artist, she’s got a certain je ne sais quoi about her, a pizzazz. You have to listen to her music to appreciate the fuss about her; it’s fun, catchy, and surprisingly profound. She’s currently working on her debut album—words cannot express how excited we are, but we promise not to break out in song!

Here Rachel dishes about her style, favorite designer, and plans for the future.

Hattie MacAndrews: Tell us 5 things about yourself.
Rachel Furner:
1. I’m 5’2”.
2. I collect bracelets, the brighter the better!
3. I wish on eyelashes.
4. I live with my amazing sister in London, we are inseparable.
5. Every night before I go to sleep, I have to listen to Bach, “Air on the G String.”

HM: When did you start singing and songwriting?
RF: I come from a very musical family, so as I was growing up, music was a very prominent part of my life. I started playing piano when I was 6 years old and sang to Britney relentlessly. At 11, I started to write songs. “Sticks and Stones,” which is on the album, I wrote when I was 14.

HM: Who have you performed with?
RF: Pixie Lott and Justin Bieber and Paolo Nutini, they were all such amazing gigs!

HM: What are your plans for the future?
RF: My plans for the future will all revolve around music, but in which way I don’t know. You never know where you will end up.

HM: Who is your favorite designer?
RF: I love Stella McCartney as a designer, but I also love High Street brands a lot.

HM: Have you ever though about designing your own clothing line?
RF: Of course, as a petite person I would love to design outfits that really focus and flatter the petite frame, as sometimes I find it hard to really find well-fitting clothes for my figure. I would also love to have a range of my own stripy tights as well.

HM: Describe your fashion sense in 3 words?
RF: Stripy, puffy, flamboyant.

HM: What’s your favorite magazine?
RF: It really depends what mood I’m in! If I’m tired or embarking on a long journey, I admit I go for my guilty pleasure, gossip magazines, I’ll pick up the one with the most shocking title.

HM: Famous last words?
RF: You only live once. Do what you want.

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One Response to “Musical Up & Comer Rachel Furner”
  1. Rosie James says:

    I SO can’t wait for this album!! Her latest stuff is just awesome – different to the older songs which I loved, but I can see these songs right at the top of the charts. Love them xxxx