July 2022

Must-Haves for a Chic Pooch

As much as we love to pamper and adorn ourselves with the chicest products and accessories, we think it’s just as fun to indulge our pets in the same treatment!  There are tons of items out there for the posh pooch or fabulous fido in your life, so why not treat your dog to a fashionable gift?

Leather Rhinestone Dog Harness and Leash, $55
Fashionable and functional, this baby pink bedazzled harness and leash is perfect for walking small dogs.  She’s sure to be the princess of the dog park!

D Pet Hotels, Prices Vary
This LA-based haven for pets is the destination for a pampered pet. With locations opening in New York and Scotsdale, Arizona soon, D Pet Hotels offer daycare, boarding and grooming services that rival your favorite luxury spa.  They also boast an in-house doggy gym with a personal trainer, chauffeur services and “recess” for your best friend to enjoy the outdoors.

WETNoZ Studio Scoop Dog Dish, $4 – $10.49
These modern  dog dishes are artfully designed to look as at home in your house as people dishes.  They come in an array of fun colors and sizes!

FunnyFur Striped Sweater Hoodie, $34.95
This super cozy striped sweater will keep your canine feeling warm and looking sharp.  We love that it’s a hoodie!

Kiehl’s Spray-N-Play Cleansing Spritz, $13
Kiehl’s makes amazing skincare for humans, but did you know they made dog-friendly products as well?  Keep your dog clean with this easy-to-use spray.  It beats a trip to the groomer!

Chewy Vuiton Handbag Designer Dog Toy, $11.99
For the dog with expensive taste, only a designer chew toy will do.

pEi Pod Dog House, $99.99
This sleek egg shaped dog bed is a perfect place for your pet to snuggle up.  Plus, it adds a touch of cool to your home decor.

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