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May 2021

My NYC Secret Weapons Hit List

By Stacey Mayesh


After years living in Gotham as a diehard fashionista, these fashion service providers are my tried and true secret style weapons.

Fashion Consignment Shops/Services:

INA (21 Prince St in Nolita 212-334-9048): They take designer labels only, and everything has to be in perfect condition.  Their look skews more downtown because of who their clients are.  All of the magazine fashion editors and models bring their things to INA.  Note that they are very picky. Tokyo Joe (334 East 11th Street 212-473-0724): I usually bring to Tokyo Joe whatever INA won’t take—they’re not as picky.  It has a funky cool Japanese vibe that I always love. The Stash Consignment: Élan Barish hosts consignment cocktail parties.  It’s always a fun atmosphere with a discerning clientele.

Makeup Artist:

Carlo Geraci (917-750-8825 cgeraci@nyc.rr.com) is going to get a longer write-up from me in a future posting, but I had to include him here as well…he’s super fab.  Carlo used to be the beauty director at Barneys and now caters to a posh clientele doing event makeup, consultations, cleaning out your makeup bag, and taking you makeup shopping.  He’s adorable and totally fun to hang with.

Closet Guru:

Melanie Charlton Fascitelli, of Clos-ette fame, is the absolute guru in designing and building custom closets and dressing rooms.  Her work is gorgeous and 100% custom.

Shoe Repair:

Let’s face it, hard concrete NYC streets and 5 inch heels just aren’t compatible.  When you’re navigating the cobblestones on your way to Pastis in your $800 leather covered skinny heel Loubs and the back snags (I hate that!), run don’t walk to Arty’s Shoe Repair (243 8th Ave 212-255-1451). I first heard about Arty through the shoe sales staff at uber-chic shoe emporium Jeffrey, and since then, I haven’t let anyone else touch my shoes.  Be sure to get one of his frequent usage cards.

Bag Repair:

Artbag (1130 Madison Avenue 212-744-2720): Highly skilled craftsmen are experts at repairing damaged or broken bags.  I’ve had them fix everything from my grandmother’s fabulous sterling silver minaudière that I dropped at a wedding, damaging the clasp to my new leopard print Lanvin bag that annoyingly broke the first time I used it.  Their prices can be steep, but if you love your bag and want to use it, it’s worth it.


Guillermo Couture (237 W. 37th Street Suite 903, 212-366 6965) is a great all around tailor but his specialty is pattern making.  If you have a pair of pants that you want to replicate or if you see something on the runway you want to recreate, he’s your man.  He has a great eye and a wicked sense of style, so he’s very helpful if you’re not quite sure which direction to go in. Celeb Cred:  He’s worked with Madonna! Pak’s Custom Tailor (24 E. 71st St 212-288-6035): Pak is a great all around tailor.  I came to him by way of a friend who works at Bergdorf Goodman, who was personally referred to him by the designer Jason Wu (of Michelle Obama fame). Dani NY (134 West 25th Street 6th Floor 212-366-1572): I cannot say enough good things about Dani NY.  They are the best tailors in NYC I’ve ever worked with both in terms of technical skill and professionalism. I’ve been bringing all of my new spring items to them and have sent numerous clients to them . . . every time they do impeccable work.  Joe and Natalia are a husband and wife team who met while working at Armani, and they’re known in the biz as the people who can fix the clothes when nobody else can!  They’ve worked with many celebs, including Sandra Bullock, as well as with many of New York City’s most exclusive designer boutiques.


French American Reweaving Co. (119 West 57th St 212-765-4670): These are the people to see when your favorite cashmere sweater get’s a hole in it.  It’s completely magical, what they do, picking up the threads one by one and literally reweaving the material to close the hole

Luxury Dry Cleaners:

Meurice Garment Care: This is my go-to dry cleaner for anything with tough stains or for items that I really love and want to keep around for a long time.  Their attention to detail is unbelievable, and the service is extremely personal. Madame Paulette (1255 Second Avenue 347-689-7010): The gold standard for luxury cleaning.  I’ve heard stories of rock stars sending their tour costumes by private jet mid tour to Mme. P to re-sew the beading. Melania Trump’s wedding dress was cleaned by Mme. P as well.  Their work is impeccable.

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