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June 2021

Natural Beauty Captured on Camera

I’m looking for high-end landscape photography at an affordable price. Do you have any suggestions?

lg-photography You’re not alone – we’d also rather be out at the beach admiring the white sand, the crash of the waves, and the piercing blue sky on a perfect spring day. There’s nothing better. But here’s a best kept secret that’s a close second and you won’t even have to leave your home to enjoy nature’s wonders. Landscape photographs, from Leslie Gittess at Blue Sky Photography, beautifully capture the majesty of Long Island’s East End including: the dunes at sunrise, the ripples in the sand, a posse of surfers braving the chill, the turquoise water, the spectacular sunsets, and the solitude of a house along the bay.

Leslie, a New York based photographer, got her start last summer when she challenged herself to capture the heart and soul of the Hamptons landscape to decorate her new home. She headed east, photographed thousands of images at the beach, and then narrowed them down to her favorite 12. She turned to her friends and colleagues for feedback, but they weren’t interested in critiquing…they simply wanted to buy pictures from her first collection. Eight were sold within two weeks!

Leslie has since started a blog that makes the stories of her photographs and the woman behind them even more compelling. She’s now ventured beyond the Hamptons to include photos along the Chobe River in Botswana, the sunflower fields of Barcelona, and the snow-covered peaks of Aspen. She has also stayed closer to home, focusing on the George Washington Bridge and Central Park throughout the seasons. Have a favorite landscape to capture and bring home? Leslie can be commissioned to do just that. Her pictures are typically editions of 25 large-format digital chromogenic prints – up to 50 x 70 inches – and prices range from $600 to $1500 with custom sizes and framing available upon request. We admit, we’re not quite sure what chromogenic means, but we know that the end results makes us smile.

Just like a day on the beach.

For more information:
Leslie Gittess
Blue Sky Photography

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