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October 2020

OBSESSED with Photoshop


My obsession with Photoshop is worse than compulsive, which is why I love online tutorial videos. I helped my dancer roommate retouch her headshots, and when I was done with that I made her skinnier, fatter, and half emu. Here are my favorite Photoshop tutorial sites:

  • Tutvid.com is super easy to follow. Nathaniel is knowledgeable without making you feel intimidated, and it doesn’t hurt that I find his voice incredibly sexy.
  • Photoshoplady.com is a great resource that aggregates content from many different tutorial sites. Each post is clearly titled with the effect it teaches you to create.

Happy distorting, dodging, and layering!—Andy Gerenraich

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One Response to “OBSESSED with Photoshop”
  1. Samar says:

    6:50it’s not CTRL 6:50it’s not CTRL that clones but ALT on PCs!@MandatorySuicideyou also were wrong. you shulod only use CTRL + ALT when auto-select is turned on to be sure of moving currentyly selected layer and not to accidently select and move another layer under the cursor