July 2022

Overplucked Eyebrows? How To Make Thin Eyebrows Appear Thicker

Standing in front of the mirror, tweezers in hand, I’m one of those girls that painstakingly debates the removal of any single eyebrow hair because, well, there just aren’t that many to fool with. One wrong move and my brows go from sparse and scattered to skeletal and “shit, where’d they go.” Needless to say, I’ve become pretty damn good and not touching my brows (except for the extreme outliers) and generally avoid getting them done by “pros” who, with the best of intentions, I’m sure, make forming an arch the goal, at the expense of removing oh, ya know, 95% of my already barely there brows. That is, until I discovered – and fell in love with – Warren Tricomi‘s Maral Balian.

Maral Balian is like the fairy godmother of eyebrows. With an eye for eyebrows, Maral skillfully transforms thin eyebrows from emaciated to healthfully full with all-natural tints, strategic hair removal and what seems like magic. So, how does she suggest you take your brows from bare to beautiful? Read on…

How To Make Eyebrows Look Thicker

Make Your Eyebrows Grow. If you’ve over-tweezed or just weren’t blessed with Brooke Shields like brows, check out RevitaBrow ($73), which, Maral says, is “the best thing on the market. Better than Latisse” to make your eyebrows grow in faster and thicker.

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Tint Your Eyebrows. Want more prominent brows without having to fill them in? Maral uses vegetable dye to tint her clients’ brows, but she tells us that some of her clients are using the temporary tints men use to conceal grey (like Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore, $23)  in their beards to DIY it at home! But as Maral emphasizes, “it’s not marketed for eyebrows, so, like any other chemical, you have to be careful… but it works amazingly.”

Find out how to perfectly fill in and shape your brows here.

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