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June 2021

Snapshot of My Dad: Photographer Rick Bannerot


In “real life”, my father, Rick Bannerot, is a marketing executive, and his resume reads like a Who’s Who of the jewelry industry. Think Rolex and the World Gold Council, among others. What isn’t on his resume? His growing success as an amateur photographer. And amateur no more, since 8 of his prints are on display August 5th–20th at the Standpoint Arts Center’s Summer Art Exhibition in Nyack, N.Y.

As an undergrad at Yale, my dad studied with renowned photographer and printer Richard “Chip” Benson and spent 4 years as a photographer and editor at the Yale Daily News. Now having embraced digital photography, he describes his style as “photojournalism with an emphasis on color.” Business trips to India have inspired works filled with colorful personalities, intense hues, and the intricate patterns found in Hindu and Muslim architecture. My father is also an avid fly fisherman, who casts his line in Montana, the Bahamas, and Argentina while capturing the sweeping landscapes and running rivers with his Nikon D80.

His prints at the Standpoint Arts Center are $400–$500. Read more about the show at standpointartscenter.com.—Courtney Bannerot, proud daughter

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