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September 2020

Stacey Mayesh’s Gift Guide

By Stacey Mayesh, Stylist




Sealed with a Cure is a yummy new pale pink gloss with gold flecks from cult fave makeup line Purple Lab. This special gloss is filled with healthy healing ingredients like mangosteen, Echinacea and vanilla and is also paraben free. A portion of proceeds go to breast cancer research so you can pout and feel good about it.

Price: $18.50

Purchase SWAC: Sealed With A Cure

Alexander Wang Striped Romper

This is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and makes me want to be a kid again, running on grass under a sprinkler. Somehow, it also makes me feel like I’m channeling an oh-so-cool indie-spirited gamine hanging out in the Marais in Paris—with a cute boy by her side, of course. Now get me out of this cold weather and into warmer climes. Perfect for your holiday vacation!

Price: $122

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Double Finger Snake Ring

Uber-cool double-finger gold snake ring slithers across your hand. Studded with black diamonds—and OMG those ruby eyes! From former stylist turned jewelry designer and all around cool NYC chick Jennifer Fisher.

Price: $2,800

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Stacey Mayesh, Stylist

Need to get out of a wardrobe funk? For fashion RX, try me, stylist Stacey Mayesh. I’ve worked for magazines such as In Style, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue and Lucky and with celebs such as Selma Blair, Jessica Alba, Susan Sarandon and Sean Combs. I’ll hit your closets and tell you what to toss, style new looks from old clothes and tell you what to buy to pull everything together and take it up a notch. If you want, I’ll do the shopping for you. Gift certificates available.

Price: $250/hour

Contact Stacey Mayesh, Stylist



Themed Movie Sets

I love the idea of getting your man themed movie sets. The best wedding gift I ever bought someone was a collection of old James Bond films, a lot of them. The husband to be was an LA director and huge Bond fan. My suggestions:

For action dude: a set of Bond films
For artsy dude: a set of Pedro Almodóvar films
For the Francophile: a French New Wave set, including, of course, every Jean-Luc Godard film
For the middle-age guy reminiscing about his youth: all of John Hughes’s films
For the guy with a taste for classics: a set of Scorsese films . . . or Pacino or DeNiro
For the I LOVE NY dude: Wall Street, Annie Hall and King Kong

Planes, Trains and Automobiles guy: Top Gun, Airplane, Murder on the Orient Express, The Darjeeling Limited, Smokey and the Bandit and Corvette Summer

Purchase Themed Movie Sets

Karen Karch Silver Stud Cufflinks

From cult designer Karen Karch, rough-cut faceted sterling silver “Spellbound” cufflinks.

Price: $635

Purchase Karen Karch, 240 Mulberry Street, New York; 212.965.9699; retail@karenkarch.com

Racing School

Give the gift of S-P-E-E-D! Get your guy a gift certificate to a racing school where he’ll get to experience NASCAR stock car racing, Formula One, Indy or dragster cars just like the pros. Gift certificates available. Prices vary depending on the program chosen. Some sites offer holiday discounts.

Check out Racingschool.com, Skipbarber.com, Bondurant.com

Seize Sur Vingt Shirts

Give your guy a shirt for each day of the week. Seize Sur Vingt shirts are hands down the greatest shirts for guys. The fit is spectacularly flattering and the fabrics beautiful. I love how they work equally well with a suit for the office as they do with dark jeans and cool kicks for going out at night. Shirts come in a fantastic kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. Think of it as an old-school Savile Row shop updated for the digital age.

Price: $180–$250

Purchase Seize Sur Vingt Shirts




GLOGA, or glow in the dark yoga, is all the rage with Tribeca tots at Moomah, a new multidisciplinary creative (emphasis on creative) play space founded by Tracey Stewart, wife of Jon Stewart. Moomah’s class lineup is very out of the box and meant to stimulate a child’s natural curiosity and creativity. Stewart describes GLOGA as a cross between Hayden Planetarium and Mahatma Gandhi. Teach your little one to Om.

Price: $380/semester

Purchase GLOGA

Scratch DJ Academy

Learn how to become a DJ. What’s cooler than that?! Scratch DJ Academy teaches students music theory, math, physics and problem solving skills, all via a medium they can relate to: music. Scratch has studios in NYC, Miami and LA. Classes range from a one-hour private lesson to six-week courses.
Price: $90–$125/hour, depending on type of lesson and total number of hours; $300 for DJ 101 6-week course
Sign up Scratch DJ Academy

Grow a Frog

For the city kid itching to get into nature (or any kid who loves animals), get them their own frog-growing kit! The award-winning Grow a Frog kit comes with a habitat, food and a certificate that your child mails in to receive their live tadpoles. You’ll win points with your kids and never feel guilty again about raising your family in the city!

Price: $21.95
Purchase Grow a Frog

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