September 2021

Best of PageDaily: Beauty

It’s one thing to look great, but it’s another to look great and feel fabulous! Want flawless skin? The best new beauty products of the season? Editors’ favorites? Don’t miss our daily emails. From the boyfriend “beauty” products you secretly steal to the secret to young-looking skin, here are some of our recent beauty articles filled with the tips, tricks, and products picks you don’t want to miss. Our Picks: Shower Caddy Must-Haves
We all have those favorite bath and shower products we won’t get wet without. See PageDaily’s editors’ picks for our list of must-have shower accessories, lotions, and potions.Read more Spa Complexion—The Must-Have Beauty Look
We all want flawless skin that looks like we just had a spa facial. Using spa facial products and procedures from the Hamptons to the Himalayas, along with these steps…Read more Younger-Looking Skin:
Summer Skin Prep and Maintenance

With summer fun can come skin damage from sun. To maximize your skin’s condition and avoid sun damage…Read more Summer Makeup Picks
With temperatures revving up, it’s time to swap out wintry war paint for melt-proof, foolproof summer makeup favorites. Natural or bold, buy these summer makeup picks…Read more Tell Melissa: What Men’s Grooming
Products Do You Secretly “Borrow”?

First, it was boyfriend jeans. Then, boyfriend blazers. Now, boyfriend beauty products—men’s toiletries…Read more

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