May 2022

Glam New Gym—$20 Membership


As a recent college graduate, I find my desire to hit the gym almost nonexistent. Not to mention that the sky-high prices of a fitness-club membership would practically wipe out my paycheck. Blink Fitness, however, may have just changed forever the way I view the gym.

I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Blink Fitness’ new location right here in New York City’s NoHo area. Blink Fitness Clubs are state-of-the-art and only charge $20 a month for a membership! No, that’s not a typo—it’s really only $20 a month. There are no additional initiation fees. And the best part, you can pay month-to-month. Blink’s deal is very straightforward. There are no classes and no personal trainers, just an amazing facility that’s designed to get you motivated and in great shape. I love this idea, because I rarely take classes at the gym or use the personal trainers. Why should I pay all that extra money for those services, when I just plan to use the treadmill? Give Blink Fitness a shot with its 2-day trial, and see if it’s a good fit for you! —Olivia Hayes