November 2023

Winter Running Must-Haves

Running in the summer is simple: Throw on sneakers, shorts and a tank and you’re good to get your sweat on. But in the winter months? Head out in less-than-stellar gear and you’re in for some chilly miles.

Just because there’s a chill in the air and snow on the ground doesn’t mean you have to relegate your running to the treadmill. Here are a few of my swear-by products that make running in the cold a total breeze.

Pants: High-quality running tights will be your best investment this winter. Look for a pair that’s tight enough around the waist so the pants won’t fall down while you’re running. Remember, your legs will warm up faster than the rest of your body because they’re doing most of the work, so don’t worry about just having one layer on bottom.

Buy Now, Nike Tech Women’s Running Tights, $65

Top: You’ll want a solid base layer underneath your jacket, and you can’t go wrong with all the options at Lululemon. They’re insanely soft, and thanks to the handy thumbholes, the sleeves don’t ride up.

Buy Now, Cabin Long Sleeve Tee II, $68

Top: I hate the idea of wearing a scarf or neck-warmer while I run, so occasionally I’ll opt for a turtleneck-style top to save on additional layers. This option by Under Armour is moisture-wicking (see ya later, sweat!) and thin, so you never feel too bulky.

Buy Now, Women’s UA ColdGear Compression Mock, $49

Jacket: Thumb holes? Pockets? Reasonable price? Yes, please. GapBody’s Fit full-zip jacket is ideal for winter running because the fit is snug—bulk doesn’t always equal warmth—and it’s cute, so you can keep it on for your post-run brunch date!

Buy Now, Fit Fill-Zip Jacket, $48

Leg Warmers: Yes, that’s right. Leg warmers. They’re my favorite and I like to think they’re making a comeback, at least in my world. Before it gets too cold, I’ll be out running in shorts and leg warmers. This knit pair by Harmonie will stay up while you run and keep your shins and calf muscles nice and toasty.

Buy Now, Harmonie Two-Tone Legwarmers, $9.50

Hat: Most running hats aren’t adorable, but this one actually is. Throw it on before you head out and your ears will thank you when they’re not frozen in the first mile.

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Ali Feller is a writer, blogger, marathoner, running addict and self-proclaimed gym rat living in NYC. Follow her training, reviews of local fitness classes and her daily attempts at staying sane in this hectic city at her blog, Ali On The Run (