August 2022

Yummy and Organic

While Labor Day marks the end of summer, we all like to try and continue our healthy lifestyle for the Fall! In honor of  national organic month, we have listed some our favorite edibles that happen to be certified organic AND delicious:

Keen-Wah Decadence Coconut Almond (Box of 12), $34.95
This yummy protein bar was created to help you power through your day! Whether you’re working out or on-the-go, you will feel good eating these because you’re fueling your body with nothing but the best all-natural ingredients.  The bar is made from quinoa, which is nature’s answer to vegan and gluten-free protein.  And the taste?  Imagine the Almond Joy you loved as a kid made with healthy, organic ingredients.  We promise…the same nostalgic taste is still there. Also comes in other great flavors!

Lapostolle Chilean Wines

From the same liquor company that brought us Grand Marnier, comes the Lapostolle winery, a completely organic operation producing wines that are as delicious as they are environmentally friendly. Their grapes are raised 100% organically and even the packaging is environmentally conscious with the bottles being made from recycled glass and the labels and boxes coming from sustainable forests. It also makes the perfect eco-chic hostess gift.

Cascadian Farm Granola, $6.49
Once you have tried this granola, it’s easier leaving those breakfast pastries and calorie-rich bagels behind! Cascadian Farm’s pride themselves on being organic before organic was even trendy. Their mission is to keep your body healthy while also keeping the environment healthy. They have seven different yummy granola flavors that also make a delicious topper for your Greek yogurt in the morning.

Pom Acai Bar, $9.25
Satisfy your chocolate craving without the guilt! Gnosis offers an organic line of raw vegan chocolates that are not only tasty, but they have a holistic purpose behind them as well. The yummy Pomegrante Acai flavor featured here helps your body detox. These hand made chocolates are free of refined sugar, cholesterol, gluten, dairy and soy, making them a healthy option.