December 2022

The Benefits of A Yoga Practice

When you think about why people exercise, a major reason is to reduce stress and to improve their overall health.  It is the mindful breathing and single minded focus that takes you into a “flow mentality”.  You create an opportunity to escape from your thoughts which will shift your energy and changes your perspective on your life and problems.  It’s not that problems go away, you just change the way you look at them.  As a dear friend once said to me, “When you move a muscle, you change a thought”.

In yoga, the physical poses are called asanas and these poses can be done in a progression so that even the most inflexible “tin man” can find his way by using various props and modifications.  For me, the experience was quite challenging and in some cases helped me to learn how to over come my fears.  I remember my first hand stand (at the wall) like it was yesterday!

Practicing yoga will help you to evolve yourself so that other areas of your life will benefit.  When you work on your physical challenges be it flexibility, strength or balance, other areas of your life will improve.  But, this means checking your ego at the door because you will probably be working on things that you are not very good at initially.  Like a chain, you are only as good as your weakest link so your challenges may be more about patience, perseverance and consistency when you start your journey then it will be about how many push ups you can perform in 60 seconds.

Yoga is for life.  It is a lifestyle movement program.  When you practice yoga, you start to feel movements from the inside out; you don’t “think” about movements, you “feel “them.  You stop competing with others in class, you no longer need to see yourself in a mirror and the superficial aspect of exercise becomes less important when compared to the sacredness of your practice and your experience.  You will begin to nourish yourself with food more mindfully and you will be more aware of how to incorporate your learning off the mat as well as when you are on your mat.  If you can’t make it to a class, try using DVD’s for a home practice.  Our Core Fusion Yoga DVD (Buy Now, $9.99) is popular because it is broken down into 10 minute sections, if you have time constraints.

Regardless of your degree of commitment to yoga, be it once a week at home with DVD’s or at our studios practicing with a trained teacher, your benefits will include:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Mindful Awareness
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improved Strength
  • Improved Suppleness in your spine
  • Better Sex Life
  • Better Energy
  • Improved overall health and well being

It’s National Yoga Month…Exhale Spa and PageDaily are teaming up to offer you a complimentary yoga class at any Exhale Spa for the rest of September (first-timers only). Mention PageDaily when you make your reservation! Enjoy!

Fred DeVito, Health & Fitness Contributing Editor
For over 30 years, Fred DeVito has taught New Yorkers to live healthier, leading fitness classes at the acclaimed Lotte Berk Method Studios, and more recently, at Exhale Spa, where he serves as Executive Vice President of Mind Body Training. With his wife and partner, Elisabeth Halfpapp . . . Read more about Fred DeVito

Beth Ostrosky Stern Supports Animal Rights with a Workout Fundraiser at Exhale Spa, Bridgehampton

Saturday, August 6th – Beth Ostrosky Stern and other animal-loving friends, including Katie Lee, hosted a fundraising workout event at Exhale Spa in Bridgehampton to benefit the Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons. Supporting attendees experienced one of Beth’s favorite workouts (and mine), Core Fusion, taught by Exhale co-founders Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito. The Wildlife Rescue Center is a not-for-profit corporation that operates a full-time professional wildlife hospital staffed by licensed rehabilitators, biologists, animal behaviorists, and volunteers.

” [My husband] Howard and I love the Hamptons so much and the most beautiful part for us is the wildlife that surrounds us. I feel that it is our responsibility to help animals that are sick or hurt. We’ve pretty much taken over their natural habitats, so that’s the least we can do. I have been calling the wildlife rescue of the Hamptons for years when we’ve witnessed animals in distress. Their center is in Hampton Bays and the work they do there is just phenomenal.  When an animal is in need of help, I ask that everyone call the Wildlife Rescue Center immediately. They arrange for transport for the animal to come back to the center for evaluation and medical assistance, and when the animal is better, they will release him into the environment in which he was found,” Beth said at the event.

Scott Cohen, Bruno, Beth Stern and Melissa Meyers

Scott Cohen, Bruno, Beth Stern and Melissa Meyers

I was so touched by Beth’s story…

“Last summer we found a deer in our lawn.  She was obviously a Mama Deer because she was lactating.  It looked like she had been hit by a car and found her way to our lawn. I called wildlife rescue immediately and they came to our home and transported her back to their facility.  She was lying comfortably in a secluded area at the center. There was a fawn who came into the center a week prior and was emaciated and would not accept milk from a bottle. This fawn was in the same area as my Mama Deer and overnight something magical happened. The baby was feeding off of my deer! The baby continued to feed off of her until she was strong and healthy. The sad part of the story is that the momma deer didn’t make it, but the fawn ended up getting released into her natural habitat shortly after, due to the Mama Deer feeding her. Nature amazes me!  So, whether you see a turtle run over by a lawn mower, a hurt or sick bird on the beach, an opossum by the side of the road, a deer stuck in a fence, or a squirrel or a fox in trouble, etc., please call The Wildlife Rescue Center at 631-728-4200. Let’s save some animals!”

For more information or to make a donation, visit

The annual Wildlife Rescue Center cocktail event is August 20th in Southampton. Check the website for more details.

Top photo: Beth Stern, Elisabeth Halfpapp, Fred DeVito and Katie Lee