August 2022

The Venetian Spritz: Salute

After living in Northern Italy for a few months, I came away with a love for their signature drink—the Venetian Spritz. It’s an aperitif, a before dinner drink meant to stimulate your appetite. Spritz is made with one part Prosecco, one part Campari or Aperol, and one part soda water. Garnish with an olive and a slice of orange. Refreshing and light, it’s the perfect summer cocktail. —Caitlin O’Malley

Organic Avenue Juice, $4-$12

shoshanna_organic avenue2Organic Avenue Juice

• Beautiful glass bottles
• Delicious looking juices in vibrant colors
• Leave your skin and body feeling stunning
• Perfect kick-start for summer
• Healthy, organic, and fresh

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Twinings Earl Grey Tea: Fancy a ‘Cuppa’?


Whether it’s hot, cold, wet, or dry—you always need a cup of tea in your life. Tea has the magic ability to cure all of your problems (full disclosure—I’m British!). Twinings Earl Grey is simply delicious. If you’ve never tasted tea (I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never tasted coffee), or you’re just looking for a great all-around one, then you need to get out there and have a cuppa. – Hattie MacAndrews

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Inocente Tequila Plata, $50

Classic-Martini-Glass-250 Inocente Tequila Plata 

  • Made from blue agave
  • Floral flavors with hints of raspberry and vanilla
  • Triple distillation for a cleaner taste
  • For those who like to drink it straight

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