November 2023

“It” Girl Julie Macklowe’s Best-Kept Secrets and Tips


“It” Girl and former hedge fund manager Julie Macklowe is a regular on the New York City socialite scene and recently founded vbeaute, one of the best new skincare lines available (her fab products are made in the same lab as La Prairie products and sell for a fraction of the price). As a mom, philanthropist, entrepreneur, surfer and girl-about-town, she has many best-kept secrets, tips, and experiences to share. I caught up with Julie to find out the details on her new venture, her personal skincare regimen, fashion faves and more!

Melissa Meyers: What inspired you to start a skincare line?
Julie Macklowe: I was on my way to Europe for a wedding; TSA authorities took my toiletries. Then of course I paid a fortune for the “best” products in Paris only to end up breaking out in hives. I decided this was never going to happen to me or any other women again, so I sketched out the It Kit and found the best lab in Switzerland, the CRB lab, to source the very best botanicals based on a new active [called] the Swiss Alpine Rose – a flower that grows high in the swiss alps, dies and rejuvenates itself each spring just like your skin, and combined it with a patented BioCellular tri-peptide, the latest anti-age technology. That wasn’t enough though as I am very sensitive, I made the line Paraben free, fragrance free, gluten free, nut and oat free so almost anyone can use the vbeaute skincare system. Last, I was sick of paying too much, even though one of the world’s best labs makes our products, the line ranges from $18-$165 so that hopefully everyone can afford terrific skincare.

MM: What makes vbeaute different from other skincare brands out there?
JM: Vbeaute is TSA- friendly and contains the latest in anti-aging Swiss Alpine Rose botanical technology.

MM: What are your best hints for packing and traveling?
JM: All you need to do is shut/bring the It Kit. It’s lightweight and plastic and we minimized all packaging materials so it scans right through security. I recommend always using a carry-on, plan one set of color tones, either black and grays or browns and purples and mix and match outfits. I also believe in rolling to get the maximum amount of clothes in, and wearing vibram shoes to run which take almost no space at all.

MM: What’s your daily beauty regimen?
JM: Vbeaute all the way for skincare. I use the same routine morning and evening- takes me 60 seconds, it’s very simple: cleanse daily with evidence eraser, a pump of undercover agent anti age serum, a pump of lite up brightening agent, mix into palms and apply all over, a dab of buying time every day cream and a bit more if its a drier climate or winter  and eye never anti wrinkle eye cream, above and below my eyes. I use rub off all over my body and on my face 2-3 time a week to exfoliate and evidence eraser to cleanse my body. I actually use buying time every day cream as a body moisturizer — I want my entire body young not just my face!

MM: You are very experimental with your hair. What are some of your favorite styles? Must-have haircare products?
JM: I have never been afraid of taking risks. You can go on and look at some pictures from vintage 2004-2005, super scary beehives…not sure what I was thinking then. I love using Terax conditioner and shampoo and a squirt or two of Bumble and Bumble Prep — I don’t use much else. I love those Mason Pearson brushes too.

MM: You’ve been named one of the Best Dressed New Yorkers. How would you describe your style? What’s your every day go-to outfit? Name one item every woman needs in her wardrobe. Who are your favorite designers?
JM: I don’t believe in dressing down, ever. My go-to outfit depends on the day, my mood and the weather. I like wearing everything from ball gowns to leather biker shorts and a tee shirt, it’s all mood based really, depending on how I feel and what I think is interesting to wear in a given season. I love getting things made by fabulous designers, but who wouldn’t? I’ve been fortunate enough to have had one of a kind dresses made by Jason Wu, Chris Benz, Dolce and Gabbana and Zang Toi to name a few. I guess I’d rather own one or two fabulous things from a given season than a lot of things I’ll never wear again. When I look at fashion pieces they should be memorable but still wearable 10 years later.

MM: As someone who is often photographed, do you have any tips for how to look best in photos?
JM: Have a shot of tequila before you take a photo — always helps me out! I’m the worst at looking normal in photographs, I sometimes hate my husband because he’s always the single most handsome man in the world when he gets photographed. I actually don’t think he’s taken a bad picture in his life; you should really be asking him this question not me.

MM: What do you do to look extra special for a red carpet event or gala?
JM: I have a make-up artist Nico Guillis and a hair guy who is amazing, David Von Cannon, who does major events. Often though I do it myself, minimal makeup and hope the dress speaks the loudest and I let the dress speak for itself. I don’t love wearing a ton of makeup and prefer a natural look unless I’m going insane. On a daily basis I wear vbeaute, a zinc SPF, a tad of mascara and a light gloss. I believe if you use great skincare products you don’t need to wear a lot of makeup as your skin tone tends to even out with good products.

MM: You’re an investor in Bauble Bar, one of our favorite e-commerce accessories sites. What are some of your favorite ways to accessorize?
JM: I love all of and the Erickson Beamon collection was one of my favorites. They are amazing and I love their stuff. I think its either about big earrings with a cuff or a necklace and lots of rings — most of my rings are made by my friend MAUD (Maud Cabot) who does Steven Tyler’s jewelry – she sells at Jeffrey and Maxfields and is amazing!

MM: What’s one item you can’t leave home without?
JM: My iPhone and a sample of vbeaute to pass out — okay two, but one is small.

MM: Your Hamptons home has been featured in Hamptons Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar. Any tips for decorating or entertaining?
JM: Go minimal. Less is more is my philosophy in life.

MM: What do you do to stay healthy and in shape?
JM: I run barefoot in vibrams. Probably run 4-7 miles 4 to 5 times a week and I do ashtanga yoga, surf if it’s summer (paddle board if no waves), ski in winter (I’m from Aspen and love skiing), lift free weights, do abs and calorie count (I recommend the app to keep from eating junkfood nonstop). I’m a bit of a health nut although I seem to think of myself as sedentary since it feels like I’m often in front of a computer working. I love long runs on the beach and being outside.

MM: What’s your guilty pleasure?
JM: Is this where 50 Shades of Grey comes into play?

MM: What’s your next project?
JM: Making vbeaute a household name.

Photo Credit (Top): Ben Fink Shapiro
Photo Credit: (Below) Kyle Norton 

Before the age of 30, Julie Macklowe managed a multi-million dollar hedge fund, was a fashion socialite, a mom, achieved “It Girl” status, and lived an on-the-go lifestyle. After years of searching for skincare products that could make a difference, meet her daily multitasking needs, be luxurious, sensual, yet results-driven, she realized nothing like that existed and began her journey to re-invent serious skincare for the modern woman. Intense research and extensive networking—the tools of her financial world success—helped Julie find the rarest botanicals and the most advanced skincare bio-technology that would focus on the dramatic delay of aging skin. Julie found and partnered with CRB High Performance Lab of Geneva, Switzerland, a world leader in innovative skin treatment, and started working with their top molecular scientists. These scientists introduced Julie to the Swiss botanical stem-cells from the Alpine Rose plant, one of the Longevity Botanicals that have developed near miraculous anti-aging abilities as they’ve adapted over centuries to the harsh conditions such as cold, UV and severe dryness in the High Alps.