September 2022

Best of PageDaily Emails: Fashion, Beauty & Fitness

Edited by Daniela Apeloig

We know you love PageDaily, and that you wait all morning for our daily emails to hit your inbox in time for your lunch or coffee break reading and shopping pleasure. You wouldn’t want to miss articles like budget friendly fashion trend picks, the best beauty gadgets on the market, and more. In case you did, here are some of our recent fashion, beauty, and fitness highlights. On Trend & On Budget:
Metallic Shimmer Under $70

From glitter nails to sequin bags, sequin blazers and metal belts, we have your best metallic fashion accessories and all . . . Read more Hot for Spring, On Sale Now—Fashion Week
Trends for Less

From Fashion Week in NY, we have the hot trends for spring and summer 2011! Our forecasting: get the trends on . . . Read more
PageDaily Awards:
The Best Beauty Gadgets & Tools

What’s the best anti-wrinkle cream? Best tooth whitener? PageDaily saves you from wasting time and money . . . Read more
Makeover Your Makeup: A Guide for Cosmetics to Toss, Makeup to Keep & Products to Buy
La Prairie’s professional makeup artist, Raychel Wade, gives advice on makeup and makeovers! What you need to own . . . Read more
The Top 5 Workout DVDs: At-Home Fitness Fun
Escape the boredom of exercising at home with the best home fitness and workout DVDs and videos. Add fun to your workout schedule and stay in shape . . . Read more

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