April 2023

7 Hot New Workouts to Try Now

I think exercise is so important not only for your body but for your mind (it’s like therapy for me)! Even if it’s just 30 minutes on the elliptical or a power walk in the park, I try to fit in a workout every day. But doing the same thing over and over again can get boring, so I love to try new workouts and change up my routine a bit! I’ve recently checked out these new and amazing workouts that will surely get you in shape for the summer. Each one has its own personality so it’s worth trying all of them to see which ones are a good fit for you.

1. SLT
37 West 57th Street, NYC
$40 Per Class (Packages Available)

SLT stands for Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone, and that’s certainly what this workout can do for you if you attend classes regularly.  This LA favorite was just brought to New  York by Amanda Freeman, co-founder of Vital Juice, after she heard about how amazing the workout was from friends there.  Once she tried it herself, she was hooked and opened up a studio on East 57th Street. SLT combines cardio, strength training and pilates in a high-energy, intimate class setting. If you like pilates but are looking for something more fast-paced and challenging, SLT is for you. They use a new-and-improved version of the pilates reformer machine called the Megaformer which provides constant resistance to build and tone muscle.

The Scoop: Great overall body workout that really focuses on your core, arms and legs up through the back of your butt. I was sore for days. It takes a few classes to get comfortable with the equipment but an excellent and effective workout (and all in 50 minutes). I have friends who swear by this workout and I must admit, they look super fit! I liked the intimate setting and location…there are only up to 10 people per class.

Be Chic at the Gym: Cool Workout Wear and Accessories

Just because you sweat at the gym, doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. From post-gym primping, to super cute equipment, check out my favorite product recommendations when sporting around town.

Lululemon Athletica Power Y Tank
Lululemon Athletica just can’t be beat in terms of fit and style for exercise clothing. This form-fitting tank with built-in shelf bra allows for freedom in movement and is flattering on all figures. Available in a range of radiant hues (my favorite for this season is the light pink).
Buy Now, $52

Lululemon Athletica Reversible Wunder Under Pant Reversible
Like a second skin, these reversible pants are made to move. The Wunder Under Pant is made of a material that provides a four-way stretch, has a smooth elastic waistband to hide the very dreaded muffin top, and even includes a hidden waistband pocket to hold your money and keys. I love the look of the tight legging-style pants when working out!
Buy Now, $88

Insound Heather Grey Girls Full Zip Hoodie
What better way to consolidate your gym clothes than with a headphone embedded sweatshirt? Simply plug your iPod into the front pocket and listen through the drawstrings. This sweatshirt saves space and provides the perfect portal for holding onto your iPod as you move to, from, and within the gym. The light heather grey color is perfect for the summer.
Buy Now, $25

3 Floz Gym Kit
This kit tucks neatly into your bag and is filled with a compact collection of all your post-gym grooming needs. Packed with volumizing dry shampoo, hair spray, face towelettes and antibacterial towelettes, you will be fresh and fabulous in no time. Great for those on the go!
Buy Now, $57

Indego Africa Yoga Bags
Tribal is one of this season’s hottest prints. Carry your yoga mat in the cutest case possible with these trendy Indego Africa yoga bags. Made by Rwandan women, all profits from the bags go toward teaching the artisans long-term skills.
Buy Now, $45

Vita Dumb-Bells
Dump the dull dumbbells and pick up these sleek and modern 1kg ones. Not only are these weights aesthetically beautiful and decorative, they are also functional and super easy to hold.
Buy Now, $29

Anya Hindmarch Large Gym Tote
Forget those nylon drawstring bags, this chic canvas tote is a must-have for the gym. No need to sacrifice style when going to your favorite place to workout. Plus, it holds everything—even your sneakers!
Buy Now, $135

MISSION Skincare Sunscreens
These sunscreens are tailor-made to protect during athletic performance, especially if you prefer the great outdoors to the gym. The No-Sting Sunscreen Facestick doesn’t sting your eyes, and the SPF 50+ Sun Defeated Continuous Spray is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. It is also sweatproof and waterproof, as well as free of parabens and preservatives. Used by athletes like Mia Hamm and David Wright, MISSION Skincare Sunscreens are great for the summer runner, biker, and tennis player.
Buy Now, $9-10

Glam New Gym—$20 Membership


As a recent college graduate, I find my desire to hit the gym almost nonexistent. Not to mention that the sky-high prices of a fitness-club membership would practically wipe out my paycheck. Blink Fitness, however, may have just changed forever the way I view the gym.

I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Blink Fitness’ new location right here in New York City’s NoHo area. Blink Fitness Clubs are state-of-the-art and only charge $20 a month for a membership! No, that’s not a typo—it’s really only $20 a month. There are no additional initiation fees. And the best part, you can pay month-to-month. Blink’s deal is very straightforward. There are no classes and no personal trainers, just an amazing facility that’s designed to get you motivated and in great shape. I love this idea, because I rarely take classes at the gym or use the personal trainers. Why should I pay all that extra money for those services, when I just plan to use the treadmill? Give Blink Fitness a shot with its 2-day trial, and see if it’s a good fit for you! —Olivia Hayes

The Perfect Early Morning: Athleta, Yoga, and New Clothes


It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten up before 9 a.m. for a yoga class—or anything else not completely mandatory!  This past Tuesday, however, I was invited to wake up to a yoga class and a brand new outfit by Athleta.

I didn’t really know what to expect, but when I stepped off the elevator of Yoga Sutra’s new 39th Street studio in New York, I was pleasantly surprised by a beautiful array of food, and a room full of yoga clothing provided by Athleta

Athleta, a brand under the Gap umbrella, provides female athletes and yogis, both recreational and competitive, with comfortable yet fashionable athletic wear. I have to say the fabrics are lovely, very soft, and easy to wear for yoga. I picked the Organic Cotton Chela Capri and Shirred Organic Cotton Cami in raspberry. I loved the feel of fabrics, and that at the end of the yoga class I still felt dry.  I can definitely see these 2 pieces working their way into my urban wardrobe. I absolutely love workout clothes that I can wear from the office to the studio without looking like a gym rat.

I’m looking forward to my next class, where I can show off my new threads  Thanks, Athleta! —Olivia Hayes