January 2022

HerCut: The Blunt Catalyst

I just got a haircut, and I absolutely love it! I decided to go for the blunt cut—my hair is all one length with a dramatic bang. Sounds good, right? Not so fast. As soon as I left the salon, I kissed goodbye to styling perfection. The problem is familiar to most women: how do you get the just-coiffed salon look without the actual salon? Ta-da! A product called Hercut, a cutting-edge styling product, is the ultimate hair care for your haircut. Their polymer technology extends the length and performance of your haircut. I just use my fingers to comb the gel through my hair, then I blowdry. Like magic, all of those razor-sharp blunt ends align to recreate that straight, exact look that I loved at the salon. HerCut has products based on 5 standard haircuts: bob, long layers, shag, blunt, and pixie. This product is definitely a must-have when you’re looking to maintain you’re a new do!—Lindsay Hahn

Buy Hercut The Blunt Catalyst, $28, at sephora.com