September 2021

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Interview by Lindsay Leff

Ivanka Trump: Rocking the Family Jewels

Interview by Courtney Bannerot

Young. Rich. Beautiful. Brilliant. But Ivanka Trump is no heiress about town, resting on her Daughter-of-the-Donald laurels. This 29-year-old summa cum laude Wharton grad has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments: head of U.S. and international expansion for the Trump Organization’s real estate holdings, book author, founder of a luxury jewelry line, a Champion of the UN Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign, newlywed (husband is New York Observer owner Jared Kushner). Now about to launch a shoe and handbag line, Ivanka shares what motivates her. Read the interview, then shop Ivanka’s favorites (see below).

Courtney Bannerot: What inspired you to start Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry?
Ivanka Trump: I’ve always had a passion for jewelry. I wanted to make women of my time feel comfortable buying fine jewelry, and I wanted to give them the ultimate shopping experience. My mother’s legacy jewelry collection always inspired me. And my love for the classic aesthetic helped propel my vision. I realized the luxury fine jewelry market was missing a fresh, young design approach. That’s where my jewelry line’s vision of “Rock Tradition” plays a vital role—it’s a modern twist on jewelry’s most important classic.

CB: Do you design the pieces?
IT: I work closely with an in-house designer, who is able to take my vision and inspiration and create sketches. I am deeply involved in approving sketches, making changes, and adding and subtracting from the designs before they are finalized.

CB: How would you describe the style, and how does it reflect you?
IT: Heirloom chic is the creative vision behind my jewelry line. It’s the youthful reinvention of important legacy jewelry. Heirloom chic puts a modern twist on classic jewelry, capturing a sense of fine workmanship, tradition, and an off-hand elegance.

CB: What are your favorite pieces?
IT: My favorite pieces from the 2010 collection are the Tassels, the Black Onyx Bead Necklace with Signature Oval Diamond Clasp, and the Signature Ovals. The Multi-Strand Diamond Bead Bracelet is definitely a show-stopper and an architectural achievement in jewelry design.

CB: How does your line fit the fall fashion trends?
IT: My 2010 collection has amazing black onyx pieces that chicly accessorize any fall trend, in addition to vibrant rose gold pieces that can glam up a pair of leather leggings and a fur vest. The collection is so versatile!

CB: What are your favorite fall trends?
IT: Olive color and leopard print!

CB: What is your most recent purchase?
IT: I just bought myself and several of my friends the Ivanka Trump Girl Up Bracelet, which supports the UN Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign. I’m very proud to be a Girl Up Champion and a founding partner with the UN Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign. The bracelet retails for $30 and is available for purchase on my website.

CB: What is your typical workday like?
IT: Every day’s schedule is different. I wake up, exercise, and read through a copious amount of newspapers. I arrive at the office somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. My brothers and I are always the first ones in. My days are often filled with a large volume of meetings, everything from hotel design to building management to jewelry initiatives to new deal development to marketing strategy, and often filming for The Apprentice. I try to stick to a very strict schedule, and I am never late. This is something that I learned from my father. I also try to schedule some time between those meetings to return phone calls and emails, as I think it is very important to respond to direct correspondence in a timely manner.

CB: What do you do in your free time?
IT: Hang out with my husband, my family, and my girlfriends. I cook often and have people over for dinner at least once a week—it’s a great way to catch up!

Shop Ivanka’s Picks from Her Jewelry Line
Mixed Size Onyx Bead Necklace with Signature Oval Diamond Clasp, $3,950
Multi-Strand Diamond Bead Bracelet, price upon request
Long Black Onyx Drop Earrings on Diamond French Wire, $1,200
Small Rose Gold, Mixed Cut Rock Crystal and Diamond Hoop Earrings, $2,250
Girl Up Bracelet, $30

Star of MTV Reality Series Turns Fashion Designer: Whitney Port

Interview by Katrina Caspelich


Watch the video, read the interview, buy Whitney Ports favorite picks

We recently sat down with Whitney Port, star of MTV reality series The City. She is now taking the fashion industry by storm with her clothing line, Whitney Eve. With her great sense of style and model-like looks, Whitney has created a brand that reflects her—edgy yet chic.

Katrina Caspelich: When did you first discover your love for fashion?
Whitney Port: I have loved fashion since I was a little girl. I always worked behind the scenes in my dad’s [men’s clothing] warehouse, ticketing garments, folding sweatshirts. I began my career in fashion interning at Women’s Wear Daily.

KC: When did you realize you wanted to be a designer?
WP: After working for Kelly Cutrone [fashion PR guru and star of reality show, Kell On Earth] for a little while, I realized that my passion was more creative than business.

KC: What inspires you when you design?
WP: I draw all of my design inspiration from my life. I try to keep the easy and casual California girl in me, mixed with a New York City girl. So, effortless, vibrant, and empowering.

KC: How does it feel to join the ranks of fashion’s most sought-after brands?
WP: It is an amazing feeling. I look up to so many talented designers, and to have been able to launch my collection during Fashion Week with world-renowned designers really was a dream come true.

KC: As a celebrity, do you feel you have to prove something to critics?
WP: When I first launched my collection and showed at Fashion Week with the cameras rolling, it was definitely difficult. I also was very nervous and did feel the need to prove something to my critics. However, as I gain more experience and my skin gets a bit thicker, I really want to prove something to myself and my fans and the people that support me.

KC: Where are you based?
WP: I am mostly based in L.A., but when I am shooting The City, I live in New York City.

KC: Who would you love to see wearing your clothing?
WP: Ashley Olsen, Kate Bosworth, Rihanna, Keira Knightley—they are so ahead of the trends, willing to take chances and rock everything they put on.

KC: Who are your favorite designers?
WP: Zac Posen, Valentino, Alexander Wang.

KC: Who are you most inspired by in the fashion industry?
WP: I am incredibly inspired by Diane von Furstenberg. Her design ability, mixed with the effort to empower women and give back, makes me strive to speak to all women through my designing.

KC: What is your favorite thing to wear?
WP: A t-shirt, jean shorts, and Converse.

KC: What is your must-have fashion item for this coming fall/winter season?
WP: Isabel Marant jackets.

KC: What clothes should everyone own?
WP: The figure-flattering little black dress, a leather motorcycle jacket, and that perfect pair of figure-flattering dark jeans.

KC: When you shop, what are your guilty pleasures?
WP: For lingerie—Belabumbum bras, Hanky Panky underwear. Also, beauty products.

KC: If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?
WP: It would have to be something in fashion; perhaps I’d open my own store or be a buyer.

KC: What are your hobbies?
WP: Drawing, traveling, looking for design inspiration and great vintage pieces.

KC: What do you do for fun?
WP: Hike, cook with my family, go to concerts.

KC: TV star, clothing designer, book author. What next?
WP: Continuing to design and develop my clothing line.

KC: What is a fun fact no one knows about you?
WP: I was actually an art major in college before switching to gender studies.

KC: What is your favorite piece from the Whitney Eve fall 2010 collection?
WP: I love the Cyd shorts—you can totally dress them up or down.

Buy Whitney’s Favorite Picks
Isabel Marant Keni Leather Biker Jacket
Belabumbum Copacabana Lace Bra
Hanky Panky 5-Pack Lowrise Thongs
Whitney Eve Cyd Shorts
Fresh High Noon Freshface Glow
Fresh Body Lotion
Enjoy Sulfate Free Shampoo
Enjoy Conditioner

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Expert to Expert: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Turned Spiritual Guide

Sue Devitt Interviews Britta Dubbels

Several years ago, I became a client of spiritual guide Britta Dubbels and have seen the immense benefits of her work channeling and enhancing inner beauty. Here, she shares her insights into spiritual healing.

Sue Devitt: Why do you think people come to see you?
Britta Dubbels: People come to see me because of a complaint, relationship dynamics, for example; something they wish to change—old habits or patterns; or they are ready to grow spiritually and consciously. In every case, it is about solution-thinking and how I can help to facilitate the desired outcome. The client and I identify the personal challenges, heal and release them, then replace with the desired goal. Depending on the client, success can be seen as quickly as within a few sessions.

SD: How do you benefit your clients?
BD: My clients do not always get what they want, but they always get what they need. They become authentically empowered, learning to create the changes themselves. Of course, I am there to hold their hands and guide them into and through openings, but everybody ultimately does the work for themselves.

SD: What is the emerging consciousness?
BD: 2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar and is referred to as “the end of the world as we know it.” It is like an odometer in a car—it clicks over to 0! A marker along this emerging consciousness shift—it’s not the beginning or the end. But, where we are when we hit this marker in terms of growth and consciousness will set the “tone” for the time to come.

The emerging consciousness is tied to the consciousness shift of 2012. It is a call to all of us to be better humans. How many of us are really working on ourselves, trying to be all we have come here to be, while often in the midst of challenges within our own lives?

SD: What is the other side?
BD: I call it the other side to make it easier for people to relate, but ultimately there is only one side—our essence. It is who we really are while having human experiences, even though our human conditioning and skepticism tells us “that’s not possible.” It is our conditioning, intellect, and fear, which keep us feeling and thinking separately from our essence. The emerging consciousness is here to assist the acknowledgement, healing, and lifting of this fear or density, so we may see the human experience and live it as our true selves.

Once they connect into the only side within themselves, everybody is able to communicate with their guides, angels, and certain masters assisting our human journey. Within this true essence self, we all hold access to the highest wisdom. There are, however, levels of consciousness.

When I work with my clients in my private practice, I can see the outer bodies or aura, the connection into source, and any unsupportive vibrational patterns or blockages. I also see and communicate with my clients’ guides and helpers in regard to important steps toward this clearing of density and fear.

SD: Why is it important to care about your appearance?
BD: I believe that we, as extensions of source, have come into these bodies with complete purpose and intention. Our bodies are our temples and vehicles. It is important to take care of them, love them, and honor them. Color, creativity, and beauty can be seen in nature all around us. It is not only about work and movement; it is also about the enjoyment of being alive in these glorious and magical bodies of ours. There is a balance between judging the self through the eyes of others and expressing the god or goddess within through loving and enhancing the body’s own beauty.

Britta’s Best Lifestyle Tips

Fashion Tip: If possible, in summer I wear my bikini tops instead of bras. It gives me a fresher, younger, more relaxed look. In winter, sarongs are great scarves—soft, colorful, they remind me of summer.

Beauty Tip: Always keep your skin moist. When moist, skin is elastic, and the natural movements of the face aren’t able to leave lasting lines as easily.

Fitness Tip: Tucking the pelvis under and sucking in the belly button throughout the day will make for a great stomach—and nobody will ever know that you are doing it.

Food Tip: My favorite is Thai—healthy, light, and satisfying.

Travel Tip: I always travel with my own blanket—a very thin but warm cashmere blanket that folds up into a little package.

Living Tip: Practicing conscious breathing, and making it a “habit” through good and bad moments of life opens up the incredibly wide spectrum of self.

Britta Dubbels
Born and raised in Germany, Britta started her modeling career in 1988 with Ford Models, traveling the globe and living in Paris and New York. After gracing international magazine covers and being featured in 1993’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Britta turned to her passion for spirituality and her calling to make a difference in the world, reconnecting to her ability to see and communicate with the other side. With a degree in hypnosis and having studied spiritual psychology, Britta is a Reiki and Imagery Master as well as a light information channeler, teaching spirituality and consciousness in workshops and seminars and seeing private clients in New York and the Hamptons. She is working on her first book.

For more information, go to; or contact Britta Dubbels, or 631.379.8844.

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Sue Devitt, Beauty Contributing Editor

Australian born, international celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt created the brand that would forever change the landscape of the beauty industry. Years of product development experience throughout the United States, Australia, and Japan inspired Ms. Devitt to develop a line of nutrient-rich cosmetics for the global marketplace focusing on a treatment-infused color palette for women worldwide. Read more of Sue’s product picks and beauty secrets.

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Gossip Girl‘s Glamour Gal: Kelly Rutherford

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Gossip Girl‘s Glamour Gal: Kelly Rutherford

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