August 2021

Atmospheric Electro-Pop: Fall in Love with Phantogram

One of the things I discovered today: my iTunes library contains 15.1 days worth of music. Think I qualify as a little bit obsessed? My favorite recent discovery that’s repeating over my headphones—and I must admit that I’m probably a little late to the party with this one—is Phantogram’s first full-length release Eyelid Movies. This duo— Sarah Barthel (keyboards, vocals) and Joshua Carter (guitar, vocals), both from Saratoga Springs, N.Y.—combines percussive, infectious beats with deliciously seductive vocals to create hypnotic electro-pop that’s as mellow and mysterious as it is danceable. Think The XX but less emo, more complex production level. The singles “Mouthful of Diamonds” and “When I’m Small” are two hauntingly beat-driven tracks that will leave you begging for more and dying to see them live.—Kate Bryan

Download Eyelid Movies by Phantogram, $8.99, at

Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s: A Bandwagon to Jump On

By no means do I consider myself a know-it-all in the hipster music scene, but I have friends who are. And when I was introduced to a song by Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s via mixtape, I was certainly glad to have those friends. The Indiana-based band consists of 6 members who use the bass, violin, drums, harmonica, and other instruments against a catchy percussion beat and haunting vocal harmonies. The resulting sound transitions easily from slow ballad to fast rock, is often dreamlike, and always dynamic. Their fifth CD, Buzzard, will be released September 21st, so while I might have been slow to jump on their bandwagon, I have jumped on it none-the-less. It’s not hard to find yourself in their songs, particularly if you are a lover of indie folk music or rock like me, a birthright of my half-Southern heritage. So, thank you hipster friends, because I, for one, am sold. —Kelly Tokarz

Download Not Animal by Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s, $7.99, at iTunes

The Internet Technology We’re Loving Right Now

Best of PageDaily’s Blog: Love It!

At PageDaily, we love new products, new brands, new emerging technology, and we post a daily pick on our blog, Love It!, about our current obsessions. To share the love, we pulled some of our favorite tech posts—the Internet savvy sites and mobile applications that we just can’t live without. From tips and reviews to celebrity news, we’ve got you covered, and then some! And don’t miss your daily dose of Love It! at 1. Twitter!–Daniela Apeloig, Product Diva
I’m loving my new twitter account. I’m having so much fun updating my status and following some of my favorite celebrities! So far I’m obsessed with InStyle, Kiss and Type, Cosmo en Español, CNN en Español.

Follow PageDaily on Twitter @PageDaily. 2. Grooveshark–Beth Ann Macaluso, Word Wonder
New addiction: Grooveshark. It’s like Pandora on-demand—you make your own playlists, full of exactly what you want to hear, when you want to hear it. Dolly Parton followed by Lil Wayne? Madonna followed by Modest Mouse? Grooveshark’s got music to fill all of your wildest playlist fantasies (seriously, I have yet to stump it).

Sign up for Grooveshark. It’s free! 3. iTunes Marchin On–Lindsay Leff, Beauty Guru
My obsession with music has become an addiction! When I fall in love with a new song, I replay it over and over on iTunes until I can practically hear it in my sleep. My latest find was inspired by a hip hop class I took at Broadway Dance Center. The second I got home, I googled the lyrics I could remember and finally found my song—“Marchin On” by Timbaland ft. OneRepublic. I can’t stop listening!!Download “Marchin On”, $1.29 4. YouTube This Kid Can’t Be Real!–Dania Slochowski, Design Goddess
Check out this pint-sized hip-hop star. He doesn’t look older than 5, but he nailed a routine that people 3 times his age couldn’t. He’s so sharp and clean, it’s amazing! (And he’s adorable, which always helps.) Watch and judge for yourself. We’d love to know what you think! 5. I Heart Design by Avenue–Elizabeth Monson, Online Afficianado
I may be able to put together the perfect outfit in my sleep, but I am hopeless when it comes to home decorating. And unfortunately for me, with one of my roommates moving out, much of our living room furniture is moving with her. I Heart Design by Avenue to the rescue. Upload pictures, measurements, and any special requests, and these on-call interior designers will provide a floor plan, layout, and product recommendations. All this for just $3.50 per square foot! My favorite feature is Style Row, which gives them a sense of your personal style. Just browsing through their Rue Claudel, Bleecker Street, and Surfside Ave. has given me ample inspiration. I think I’m a Grand Street girl. How ‘bout you? 6. foursqure and Yelp–Hyejin Kim, Stats Superstar After surfing the web for things to do on weekends, I have finally figured out the perfect strategy for finding out where to eat and drink around New York: social media sites foursquare and Yelp. I read reviews, browse images, and get insider tips for the best restaurants and bars in every neighborhood! Where are the happiest hours? Who has the best lobster rolls? Users leave great feedback, so I know to order the chicken, NOT the pizza, at a certain pizzeria. Who knew getting insider info was so easy?

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