November 2021

Summer Hair Color Tips and Tricks at Home

Not everyone can have an entourage of colorists and hairstylists that follow you wherever you go.  Don’t you wish you could?

To help you pick the colour that’s right for you, colourist to the stars, Johnathan Gale gives his recommendations and how-to tips to creating salon quality colour at home.

· For Blondes – Johnathan suggests lightening up the ends. This will remove all the winter tarnish without making colour brassy in the sun. (Suggested colour: LUXEBLEND Crème Hair Colour in Light Golden Blonde)

It’s best to apply the colour with the patented brush to ends of hair and let sit longer or shorter depending on how intense you want your colour. You should have the angled tip brush facing outward and work 2-3 inches from tip of hair.

· For Reds – Red is the hottest colour of the season and Johnathan recommends creating red low lights for a multi-dimensional Red. Low lights have great longevity to keep hair colour fresh and vivid all summer long. (Suggested colour: LUXEBLEND Crème Hair Colour in Auburn)

To create low lights begin with segments at ear level working from ear to ear. Work your way up the head dividing hair into one-inch segments for thick or course hair and half-inch segments for thin hair. You should decrease amount of colour to a bare minimum as you reach the crown of head.

· For Brunettes – Run a few bold highlights through drab hair just as a halo around the face frame to brighten up your look this summer. (Suggested colour: LUXEBLEND Crème Hair Colour in Medium Brown)

To add a tint of red to a honey shade try mixing Light Brown with Auburn.

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