October 2023

Rachel Zoe Launches a Lipstick Revolution

Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist, designer, TV star and new mom can now add the title brand ambassador to her resume.  Rachel is the new spokeswoman for Exude, “a revolution in lipstick.”

She celebrated yesterday at the Plaza where there were make-up artists on hand to apply the brand new product, available at http://www.exudelipstick.com for $29 starting in August.

PageDaily was there to try out the new colors (Rachel even said the Plum looked “Major!” on me) and talk to Rachel about the line, as well as dressing a very stylish son!

“As soon as he is old enough to realize that he has Gucci and Missoni in his closet I am ripping out all the labels…I do not want him to get wrapped up in that but for right now for me it’s so much fun.”

Rachel also dished on her love for lipstick: “I never go anywhere without a lip.  I have pictures of me around 13 with a major lip on.”

As for her favorite shade?  “The Cranberry never leaves my bag.”

The 9 shades of lip crèmes and 5 glosses come in a unique dispenser which Rachel called “a whole new way to apply lipstick.”  To avoid the typical problems associated with lipstick – breaking, melting, not retaining their shape – Exude created a one of a kind crystal lip color applicator that dispenses the right amount of product with each use.  Plus it has a special cap that prevents make-up messes from happening in your bag.

The non-sticky formula is super moisturizing and full of healthy ingredients like vitamins C and E, omegas 3 and 6, and antioxidant-rich goji berry.   Plus it has a refreshing minty scent that we love.

Melissa Meyers, Rachel Zoe, Caitlin Osborne

Photo Courtesy of Linda Covello Photography

Exclusive Interview With Dita Von Teese

PageDaily caught up with Dita Von Teese, burlesque star, actress, model, make-up enthusiast, spokesperson for Cointreau liqueur and now, perfumière. Read on to see what’s new in the world of Dita.

Caitlin Osborne: Your skin always looks so flawless; do you have a favorite sunscreen?
Dita Von Teese: Lets see, I like the Dior, like Dior has one that I can’t remember the name of it; but it’s a make-up based product Dior makes.

Buy Now, Dior Hydra Life Skin Tint SPF 20, $39
Buy Now, UV Shield SPF 50, $56
Buy Now, Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup SPF 25, $46
Buy Now, Hydra Life Protective Fluid SPF 15, $52.55
Buy Now, Hydra Life Protective Crème SPF 15, $56

CO: How do you get the perfect red lips?
DVT: Oh, you have to have patience. You have to have a lip-liner; I prefer MAC Beet, it’s my favorite, and you have to have a really good lipstick. My favorite is DIOR Roulette Red or Dolce Vita Red.

Buy Now, MAC lip liner in Beet, $16.25
Buy Now, DIOR Rouge Dior Lip Color in Dolce Vita Red, $30

CO: Do you have a favorite liquid eyeliner?
DVT: I love the Guerlain Divinora liquid liner and I also use MAC Blacktrack with a brush.

Buy Now, Guerlain Divinora liquid eyeliner, $35
Buy Now, MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, $18.99

CO: So this is your second cocktail launch with Cointreau?
DVT: Yes

CO: What’s been fun about being the face of Cointreau?
DVT: Well, I guess I’m going on like almost 5 years. I think what I love most is that when they approached me they really had a great understanding of what I do; and there would be a controversial tagline obviously about what I do and how I live my life. And, it’s like a classic French brand; Cointreau is like I don’t know, 200 years old or something, and I like the history of it. I also love that working with Cointreau opened up my eyes to how wonderful it is to be able to mix your own cocktails and how we’re so conditioned to think we can’t do it and we have to be a bartender to do it, but it’s so simple really.

CO: Do you like to entertain?
DVT: I do.

CO: Do you make up your own cocktails?
DVT: I do. It’s mostly margaritas, so I asked them, do you want to do a margarita and call it a “MargaDita”?

(Cointreau MargaDita: 1 oz Cointreau, 1 oz Silver Tequila, 1 oz Fresh Lime Juice, Bar spoon (0.5 oz) of Monin Rose Syrup, 1 pinch Chipotle Spice)

Buy Now, 1 oz Cointreau, $31.99
Buy Now, 1 oz Silver Tequila, $85
Buy Now, Bar Spoon of Monin Rose Syrup, $9.99

CO: I wanted to ask you too, do you have a secret to staying in shape?
DVT: I do Pilates and take ballet classes, and don’t eat too much bread. My rule is, I only eat carbs, well, I only eat bread when I’m in Paris.

CO: That’s a good rule. What’s your next big project coming up?
DVT: Well, I’m in the process of creating a perfume.

CO: I was going to ask you what scent you were wearing actually.
DVT: I’ve been working a lot in Paris, involving noses, and I guess apparently when you do celebrity fragrances, they just say, “these are the most popular fragrances, sign here”; well I didn’t want to do that. I wanted something I’d really like and would want to wear myself, so I’ve been a real pain in the ass for them in trying to find the right fragrance, so I’m in the process of testing things they’ve made for me based on what I’ve asked them to do.

CO: Well without ruining the surprise, what kind of scents do you like?
DVT: I really want something that evokes glamour, and is about big, beautiful, luscious, sexy flowers but with a little bit of a dangerous twist. I don’t want something too sweet or that smells like candy or fruit because a lot of fragrances do, but I want it to be about the glitz and glamour, something that sets you apart from everyone else.

During the month of July you can see Dita perform her variety show “Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!” at the House of Blues in New Orleans, Dallas and Houston. For more info visit www.dita.net.


Image © Sheryl Nields

Your 5-Minute Beauty Routine

Applying makeup doesn’t have to be a long and expensive process. Check out my top picks for beauty products/makeup that will have you done up in just five minutes, all for under $25 each! Makeup enthusiasts and phobes alike are sure to be down with these product suggestions that will have you looking fierce, fast.

Summer beauty starts with getting skin pampered and hydrated, and the best thing to get your face looking its best is a…facial. Garden Botanika’s Corrective Clearing Face Mask ($18) gives your face a smooth look right from the first application. We all know that first impressions are everything, so make sure a good facial is part of your beauty routine.

This season, bronzers are all the rage, and every woman wants that special glow. Physicians Formula’s Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer, Blush & Eye Shadow ($11.95) is a complete compact for every aspect of your look. Whether you want to rock a bronzed look on the eyes or cheeks, this palette has you set for a glamorous glow on the go!

To achieve a flawless look, your pout has to be perfect, and a fun shade always attracts a ton of attention. A great pop of color that’s suitable for most skin tones is Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Ultra Lipstick ($22.50) in Watermelon. The color is vibrant and fresh, and will keep your lips nourished while you’re looking glam.

Want to make a simple look pop on a whole new level? I am crazed over Jemma Kidd’s JK In Vogue Perfect Blush Collection ($18 at Target) because it’s a great blend of corals, peaches, fuchsia and a splash of shimmer. Each blush palette holds its own with the color schemes they feature, but our favorite is 5th Avenue because it really makes your cheeks come alive!

We all need to keep our skin moisturized with SPF, but sometimes that awful white residue is less than appealing. Now, the best way to get SPF is with a touch of color like e.l.f.’s Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 ($3), which comes in a variety of skin shades and is very lightweight. It’s such a necessity for a quick color boost and it helps keep your skin protected.

Want to achieve a simple look on a less glamorous day? Grab a moisturizer that’s also a simple lip balm with a touch of color. Avon’s Slick Tint for Lips ($.99) is great for not being too much, but still showing off your pucker. The lip balm comes in a sheer pink, a deep reddish wine and a rosy pink, all at an amazing price!

Chastity Palmer-Davis is the beauty/fashion writer behind GlitterBuzzStyle.com. GlitterBuzzStyle provides women with personal styling tips, the latest fashion trends, beauty reviews and sale alerts. Chastity’s love for fashion and the entertainment industry has given her the opportunity to contribute to Honey Magazine, work for television show Full Frontal Fashion and cover backstage press for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

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Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

By Sue Devitt

For Valentine’s Day, step outside of your makeup routine and give yourself a makeover for love. Try my makeup tips and tricks and get 3 new looks for this special occasion. The twinkle in your eye, the pucker on your lips, the glow in your cheeks? Romance put them there, now enhance them with 3 simple makeup looks to make you feel special on Valentine’s Day: red lips, smokey eyes, and rosy cheeks!

Put on the Pucker for Valentine’s Day with Sexy Red Lipstick
Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans, spice them up with sexy red lips! Red lipstick is a universal classic that is never out of style and can work with every skin tone—the key to wearing red lipstick is confidence.

How to Find the Best Red Lipstick for Valentine’s Day
Choosing the right shade of red lipstick is easy when you know your undertones.
• Fair skin tones work well in reds with a blue undertone.
Buy Sue Devitt Balanced Sheer Lipstick in Hollywood, $20, at suedevittbeauty.com
• Medium-hued skin tones fare better with brown-based reds.
Buy Sue Devitt Balanced Matt Lipstick in Great Australian Bight, $20, at suedevittbeauty.com
• Darker skin tones should choose a deep plum tone.
Buy Sue Devitt Balanced Sheer Lipstick in Northern Lights, $20, at suedevittbeauty.com
• A great alternative to red is a dark berry shade. This color will add warmth with a little brightness to any skin tone.
Buy Sue Devitt Balanced Matte Lipstick in Moscow, $24, at amazon.com
• If you’re still unsure about red, practice with a stain instead of a lipstick. Blot with a tissue or apply with your fingertips.
Buy Sue Devitt Mini Lip Gloss in Muscat, $18, at suedevittbeauty.com

For Valentine’s Day, Try a Sultry Stare with Smokey Eye Makeup
Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to add a little drama to your look by intensifying your eyes. There is a reason why everyone keeps talking about “smokey eyes”: smokey eyes are sexy!

Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Tips for Valentine’s Day
• Begin a smokey eye with a charcoal eyeshadow. Use an eye base brush and apply the shadow starting at the lash line, continuing upward toward the eye socket.
Buy Sue Devitt Silky Matte Eye Shadow in Black Hill Range, $18, at suedevittbeauty.com
• For depth and contour, apply a darker hue across the lash line and blend the color upward into the crease.
Buy Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencil in Chiang Mai, $22, at suedevittbeauty.com
• Next, apply a light, sheer color just under the brow to highlight.
Buy Sue Devitt Silky Sheen Eye Shadow in Dreamtime Legend, $18, at suedevittbeauty.com
• Line your lower lashes and blend out any harsh lines with a professional brush or sponge-tip applicator.
Buy Sue Devitt Lash Line Definer Brush, $28, at suedevittbeauty.com
• Last, don’t forget lashes. It’s all about lashes with this look. First, curl them, then apply 2–3 coats of a lengthening mascara in a rich black for added glamour.
Buy Sue Devitt Lash Intensifier Treatment & Lengthening Mascara, $49, at suedevittbeauty.com

A Rosy Glow for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Kiss on the Cheek
For cheeks, think light and rosy but not too dramatic when choosing a blush for Valentine’s Day. More sculpted looks are great for winter months because a little contour goes a long way. An almost-bronze, neutral pink-beige, or muted apricot cheek color imparts a light, fresh look. No severe leaps necessary with color here—think natural highlighting tones.

How to Get the Perfect Rosy Cheeks
• Start with a slightly deeper shade of blush just under the cheekbones as a contour.
• Follow with a lighter color in the same family on the apples and the upper portions of the cheeks. Blend well.
Buy Sue Devitt Hydrating Marine Minerals Destination Eye & Cheek Palette in Solomon Islands, $37.50, at suedevittbeauty.com
• For more intense color, use a gel-based blush and blend with your fingertips.
Buy Sue Devitt Microquatic Gel-to-Powder Blush, $20, at suedevittbeauty.com

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Sue Devitt, Beauty Contributing Editor
Australian born, international celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt created the brand that would forever change the landscape of the Beauty Industry. Years of product development experience throughout the United States, Australia, and Japan inspired Ms. Devitt to develop a line of nutrient-rich cosmetics for the global marketplace focusing on a treatment-infused color palette for women worldwide . . . Read more of her product picks and beauty secrets

Project Runway’s Mondo Guerra: Win His New T-Shirts
Feel good by looking good this Valentine’s Day! Rock these limited-edition tees designed by Project Runway contestant Mondo Guerra. You could win 2! Just tell us about your dream Valentine’s Day date and you could win these hot V-Day tees for you and the boy of your choice. Click here to enter.

Pucker Up with the Perfect Red Lipstick: Illamasqua Lipstick in Box

By Lindsay Leff


I Want Red Lips
As a beauty editor (read I get paid to shop for makeup!), I have gathered my fair share of professional makeup tips.

How to Wear Red Lipstick with Your Skin Tone
I learned long ago the first rule for wearing red lipstick: match your skin tone to the undertone of the lipstick. How that translates:
• fair skin tones need a blue-based red lipstick
• olive-toned skin needs an orange-based red lipstick shade
• darker skin tones need deep burgundy-red lipsticks

Finding the Right Shade of Red Lipstick
So, finding the perfect shade of red lipstick should be as quick as blowing a kiss, right? More like finding a needle in a haystack . . . of lipsticks, of course. For a long time, I was at a red-lipstick standstill. I promise, I’ve tried them all and not one shade clicked, giving me that “ah, that’s it!” moment. Can you feel me pouting?

Illamasqua-Brand Beauty Products: Stage Makeup Meets Mainstream
Recently, I attended one of the most exciting work events I’ve ever experienced—the Illamasqua Makeup Master Class. Illamasqua, whose tagline is “Makeup for your alter ego,” is known for its almost-outrageous, richly pigmented colors—think stage makeup meets mainstream. This event was a showcase for the London-based beauty brand’s creative director and makeup artist, Alex Box. With her eccentric-genius approach to beauty, Alex’s idea of “everyday makeup” includes blue eyebrows and shadow, purple cheeks, and red lips. The look she created on the model was wild and spectacular, her face and neck stenciled with a piece of paper Alex cut on the fly.

Loved Illamasqua, but Will This Shade of Red Lipstick Be the One?
The morning after the event, I was feeling quite adventurous, so I looked into the bag of samples I had been given and smeared on red lipstick in Alex’s namesake shade—Box. A quick check for lipstick on my teeth and I was out the door and off to work.

The Perfect Red Lipstick Shade for Every Skin Type!
I wasn’t in the office long enough to get my coat off, when my editor-in-chief, perpetually on her own search for the perfect lipstick in red demanded to know what I was wearing and if she could try it. She did—and loved it! Everyone else at the office tried it too: blonds, brunettes, fair skin, olive skin. That’s when I realized that I had finally found the holy grail of beauty products—not just the perfect shade of red lipstick for me, but the perfect shade of red lipstick that looks great on everyone.
Buy Illamasqua Lipstick in Box, $22, at sephora.com

Makeup Tips & Tricks: The Right Way to Apply the Right Red Lipstick
When it comes to rich lip colors, particularly red lipstick, you shouldn’t just apply on the go. For the proper technique, we’ve got some beauty and style tips to keep that pucker perky.
Step 1 Apply lipstick with a lip brush, not straight from the stick
Step 2 Smear the lipstick carefully with your finger along lips to lock in color
Step 3 Dust translucent powder on and around lips to seal color so it won’t bleed
Step 4 Purse your lips around your index finger, then pull it out quickly to remove excess color and keep lipstick off those pearly whites

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How To Rock a Little Red Dress: 5 Easy Steps
Get your red on before Valentine’s Day for National Wear Red Day, February 4. But if the idea of wearing red has you seeing red, relax that all-black-clad body of yours! Working a red dress with your favorite look is as easy as wearing your go-to LBD. See our little red dress picks, $55–$100, and follow our 5 simple styling steps.

The Perfect Lipstick


I am always on the hunt for the “perfect” lipstick. A few years ago, I was in Bergdorf’s testing shade after shade when it hit me. No matter how in love I am with my latest lipstick, when I look in the mirror I don’t go, “Ah! It’s Julia Roberts!” Soul crushing. Until now. After weeks of telling my friend Jamie how much I loved her lipstick, she surprised me with a tube. So nice, right?! I describe the color as “your lips, only better.” Kimara Ahnert Lipshine SPF 15 in Risqué, $24. Looks great on everyone—maybe Julia should try it.—Nancy Rotenier, Editor-in-Chief

Buy Kimara Ahnert Lipshine SPF 15 in Risqué, $24