February 2023

Packing Check List

If you’re traveling this weekend and struggling with what to pack, here are some tips from  Lindsay Brooke Weiss:

If you’re anything like me, you start to mentally make packing lists a couple of weeks ahead of your travels, followed by written lists entailing more concrete outfits. If you’re nothing like me, take my advice on how to pack in an organized and timely manner. You’ll never be stressed out from packing again!

* Start to visualize what types of outfits to pack, depending upon the weather where you’ll staying.

* Keep a list in your planner (I still use my Smythson diary to keep me organized) or Blackberry of thoughts on what to pack. This list will be with you at all times, in the event something jars your memory (camera charger?) or you think of a dress in your closet that’s perfect for the dinner you’ll be attending. Write it down.

* A couple of days before your travels, make definitive outfits out of the articles of clothing on the list, marking which outfits are for night and which are for day.

* Don’t forget to include your accessories that will accompany each look (jewelry, heels, bags, etc.). **Note, because heels take up a lot of room in your bag, try to base your outfits around them so you only have to take one or two pair.

* Keep a separate list of what to bring in your carry-on. For me this will include a book (Kitchen House), Jolly Ranchers, Blackberry chargers, camera, socks and a sweatshirt for the plane.

* The night before departing, leave a Post-It on your door of items you can’t leave without. This should include your purse, carry-on and suitcase.

* Go through your lists the day of traveling to guarantee you’ve packed everything on them.

Lindsay Brooke Weiss (Cohen) is a fashion and accessories editor and on-air style expert. She was previously Haute Living’s editorial director, Niche Media’s fashion and accessories editor and fashion editor for L-Atitude.com. Lindsay has been a frequent contributor at styledon.com and is a regular guest stylist on NBC’s “Gossip Gram.” For more articles from Lindsay, check out her site!

Image Credit: lambdasigmapsiu.com

Our Top Travel Accessories

There are always a million things to remember when traveling, but you shouldn’t have to give packing a second thought! Our favorite travel accessories are designed to take the stress out of your pre-vacation routine. These chic and compact picks are great for any getaway – no matter if you’re a day-tripper or globetrotter.

The first step toward a hassle-free journey is staying organized. To keep all your accessories in place, there’s PURSEN’s Handbag Organizers & Travel Jewelry Case. This all-in-one multi-tasker comes equipped with clear plastic pockets of varying sizes and removable pouches, ideal for keeping jewelry separate and untangled. The handbag inserts are another unique feature we love. Plan your look in advance, then pack your purse next to its matching jewelry for easy accessibility.
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For your practical must-haves, this Clear Zip Case from Flight 001 is both chic and carry-on friendly. All airline regulated-sized toiletries can be comfortably stashed inside the vinyl (and water-resistant!) pouch. Philip Kingsley’s Jet Set packs are the cure for the common hotel shampoo and conditioner. The carrying case includes cute containers of shampoo, conditioner, and three “Elasticizer” sachets for hair types ranging from the chemically processed to porous, tight curls. It has a slightly masculine smell so it’s great for the guys too!
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For the rest of your portable needs, there’re Henri Bendel’s stylish three-set pockets. The Go Anywhere Travel Set compartmentalizes hair accessories (the pouch is large enough for a travel blow dryer, like this dual-voltage fierce cheetah print from Sephora), entertainment gadgets (including iPod and MP3 players), and jewelry in separate, attached sacks. Practical and pretty – we love it for its retro stripe design and cartoon detailing!
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Speaking of a well-detailed accessory, Lily Juliet’s Red Stiletto Shoe Bag is both lovely and functional. Lined inside as well as embroidered without, tuck away your heels without fear of damage. The cotton two-in-one folds in half for easy packing, an important detail for any traveler that also holds true for this Wash Me, Wear Me bag. Separate your dirty underthings from your clean ones by stowing them in the appropriate pocket. We recommend stashing both inside a Samsonite 20” Trolley, which comes in an array of colors from deep black to ultra-bright blue, a fun fact that makes baggage claim a piece of (raspberry-colored) cake.
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Still looking for a little something to make your luggage stand out from the pack? Tepper Jackson is a fashionable line that makes luggage tags styled with bright colors, prints, and catchy phrases. We like the aqua-navy contrast of its Jet Set piece, but would be more than willing to embellish our bags with any one of the funky-cute options.
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The whole point of an outing is, of course, to relax and pack in the fun. With that in mind, don’t forget to pack your iPod speaker for that perfect poolside playlist. iHome makes a great Rechargeable Mini Speaker that can be neatly stashed away beside your other travel treats.
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