September 2022

Musical Up & Comer Patch William

Patch William

By Hattie MacAndrews

This intimate London-based group has created a mountain from a molehill. Playing small gigs in London, Leeds, and Bristol since 2007, Patch William is creating brilliant music today. The group was nominated this year for an Ivor Novello Award (a songwriting award as coveted as a Grammy) against the likes of Lily Allen. Can you say “British Invasion, the Second Wave”? Burberry Creative Director Christopher Bailey is already a fan, and the band is featured on the Burberry Acoustic Compilation. Check out the video!

Patch William played some of the UK’s biggest music festivals this summer, including Glastonbury and Bestival. They’ve recently completed their new single “Skinny White Boy,” and next year plan on locking themselves away to record, before hitting the festivals in summer 2011!

Hattie MacAndrews: How do you all know each other?
Will Adlard: Ed and I are brothers. George [Eddy] originally played in a band with Ed, and is the god-sibling of Ali [Digby] . . . all rather incestuous!

HM: When and why did you start writing and making music?
WA: Literally in the womb. I came out whistling a tune. That was our first hit single.

HM: Who would you most like to perform with?
WA: The Flaming Lips. We saw them at Glastonbury. We could all use Wayne Coyne’s “Space Ball,” in which he walks over the crowd; it looks phenomenal.

HM: If you only had 1 song on your iPod for the next 10 years, what would it be?
WA: “Ramble On,” by Zeppelin, or “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.”

HM: What are you listening to at the moment?
WA: Devendra Banhart, The Black Keys, Grizzly Bear, Josephine Foster, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, Laura Marling, and the Dirty Projectors.

HM: What’s your favorite song to listen to in the gym?
WA: We generally stay well away from the gym, although Ed likes to pull some weights on occasion. George is a closet sucker for the Beastie Boys when he’s gettin’ his sweat on.

HM: What’s your signature look?
WA: Ed has been known to wear a Teletubbies costume, or nothing at all. Our road manager wears a beard. That’s a good look . . .