September 2022

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By Lindsay Leff

Nothing is sexier than wearing the perfect perfume. But what if you can’t find that signature scent? With so many different perfume brands, fragrances, and eau de toilettes overtaking the beauty counters, it all can become overwhelming. You will be dabbing behind your ears and spritzing your wrists in time for Valentine’s Day romance with the help of our perfume personality quiz.

What’s Your Perfume Personality?
Are you sweet, classic, fresh, bold, or floral? Our perfume personality quiz will match you with your perfect perfume. Is a hot date your ideal Saturday night out? Is Kate Hudson your style icon? Answer these quick questions to nix the not-quite-right fragrances and find your signature scent.

5-Question Perfume Personality Quiz to Reveal Your Signature-Scent Match

And Your Perfume Personality Is . . .

Score 5–7: Your Perfume Personality Is Floral
Floral fragrances speak to you. Notes from any variety of flowers are the focal point of floral scents, representing femininity, romance, and love.
Our Favorite Floral Perfume: Bulgari Jasmin Noir
Vibrant yet warm and sensual, this floral scent has top notes of green sap and gardenia petals, followed by sambac jasmine and satin almond, and ending with tonka bean and licorice. The perfect perfume for bringing out the girly-girl in you.
Buy Bulgari Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum, $98 (1.7 oz.), at

Score 8–12: Your Perfect Perfume Is Fresh
Crisp, light, airy notes evoke beachy vacation escapes, making for the perfect fresh scent.
Our Favorite Fresh Perfume: Michael Kors Island Palm Beach
Inspired by palm trees, white sand, and tropical temperatures, this scent—with pink grapefruit, tangerine, and hints of black tea—will make you feel as if you’ve just arrived at your ultimate island getaway.
Buy Michael Kors Island Palm Beach Eau de Parfum, $62 (1.7 oz.), at

Score 13–17: Your Signature Scent Is Classic
Your perfect perfume is pure, elegant, subtle, and balanced. Classic fragrances, like an LBD, are timeless. Like the wearer herself, they never go out of style.
Our Favorite Classic Perfume: Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo
We keep coming back to Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo. This powdery floral scent has soft notes of wild hawthorne, Bulgarian rose, white musk, and vanilla.
Buy Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum, $73 (1.7 oz.), at

Score 18–22: Your Perfume Personality Is Bold
Think spicy scents with a musk undertone.
Our Favorite Bold Perfume: La Prairie Life Threads Ruby
Channel your inner temptress by spritzing with our favorite bold scent, La Prairie Life Threads Ruby. With notes of orange flower, sandalwood, passion musk, and vanilla bean, this bestselling fragrance can seduce even the shy at heart.
Buy La Prairie Life Threads Ruby, $125 (1.7 oz.), at

Score 23–25: Your Best Perfume Is Sweet
Soft yet aromatic and enveloping, the notes are like the sugary, sweet treats we craved as little girls (and big ones!).
Our Favorite Sweet Perfume: Henri Bendel Wild Fig Eau de Parfum
Made from the sweetness of jasmine petals, coconut milk, and vanilla, as well as fig and bamboo sap, this exotic perfume satisfies your sweet tooth.
Buy Henri Bendel Wild Fig Eau de Parfum, $65 (1.7 oz.), at

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