September 2023

Molly Sims’ Supermodel Secrets: How to Look Good in Photos

You might think that modeling is all about good genes, but I’m about to let you in on a little secret…

There’s actually quite a science to posing—and after many years in the biz and many magazine covers, I like to think I have it down to a T!

Here are my top 3 tips for looking good in pictures:

1. Keep your chin cocked down ¾ of the way for the most flattering angle for your face.

Marge Neu: Photographer Extraordinaire + Perfect Gift Idea

Photography makes a creative and thoughtful gift for those who have everything or appreciate the arts. Marge Neu is a talented New York City photographer who captures the most incredible moments from her travels including those from the streets of New York, Canada, Iceland, Africa and Vietnam. She studied with several award winning photographers and her work has been exhibited in juried shows and at ABC Home. I love that Marge turned her passion into something real and special; she is certainly one to watch. I am highlighting some of my favorites here as gift ideas but it is a real treat to view her entire collection to see the breadth of her work.

Too Many Babies: This amazing candid photo was taken in the Bowery  in New York City.  It appeared in a juried show last winter.

Dancing Polar Bears: This photo is part of a series taken in Churchill, Canada. It was exhibited at ABC Carpet & Home and in a juried show in Florida. My husband Michael received “Dancing Polar Bears” as a gift and adores  it.

Geothermal Rainbow:  This one was taken at a Geothermal plant in Iceland.  The rainbow was created by water drops captured as they were exploding!
You can order these photos (prices start at $300) directly from Marge Neu’s website.  Check out more of her photography  here.

Over the past ten years Marge Neu has nurtured and explored her life-long passion for photography with intense study and extensive travels to exotic locales. Neu has been fortunate to study with award winning photographers such as Jay Maisel, Vincent Versace and Seth Resnick, which has deepened her appreciation and skill in photography. Neu’s work featuring Maasai, Vietnamese children, New York street scenes, and the Churchill Polar Bears have been exhibited in juried shows at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre, in Palm Beach Florida. Last winter ABC Home in New York City featured a selection of her polar bear pictures from Churchill, Canada. Most recent work showcases the wonderful nature of Iceland. In addition to fine arts photography, Neu captures children in a very natural manner, recognizing that each photo is a unique moment. “A photo is an everlasting moment in time to be savored because the moments are all we have.” Marge Neu’s photography is the embodiment of these savored moments. 

Snapshot of My Dad: Photographer Rick Bannerot


In “real life”, my father, Rick Bannerot, is a marketing executive, and his resume reads like a Who’s Who of the jewelry industry. Think Rolex and the World Gold Council, among others. What isn’t on his resume? His growing success as an amateur photographer. And amateur no more, since 8 of his prints are on display August 5th–20th at the Standpoint Arts Center’s Summer Art Exhibition in Nyack, N.Y.

As an undergrad at Yale, my dad studied with renowned photographer and printer Richard “Chip” Benson and spent 4 years as a photographer and editor at the Yale Daily News. Now having embraced digital photography, he describes his style as “photojournalism with an emphasis on color.” Business trips to India have inspired works filled with colorful personalities, intense hues, and the intricate patterns found in Hindu and Muslim architecture. My father is also an avid fly fisherman, who casts his line in Montana, the Bahamas, and Argentina while capturing the sweeping landscapes and running rivers with his Nikon D80.

His prints at the Standpoint Arts Center are $400–$500. Read more about the show at—Courtney Bannerot, proud daughter

Nikon D40 6.1MP Digital SLR Camera Kit: Picture Perfect (Creativity Not Included)


Professional and portable, my Nikon D40 camera is the perfect balance of a quality digital camera and everyday usability.  This camera was strapped to my body almost every day while meandering through European cities over the last few months.  Back here in the States, it comes along for the ride to any birthday party, social gathering, or event with potential point-and-shoot moments.  Although Nikon has newer and larger models on the market, the D40 is their smallest digital SLR, and what I need most as a hobby photographer: a 18-55mm zoom, a quick-fire shutter speed, and an easy-to-use auto mode for those everyday pictures.  If a picture is worth 1,000 words, the quality of the high-resolution pictures from this camera will leave you speechless.—Courtney Bannerot

Buy Nikon D40 6.1MP Digital SLR Camera Kit, $599.99, at

Michael Jurick Photography, $600 for 1-hour session


Michael Jurick Photography

Michael Jurick is an AskMelissa favorite. Melissa Meyers has even used this New York-based photographer for personal family photos. Talented, personable and energetic, Michael Jurick captures special moments, whether posed or candid, and offers custom-designed storybook photo albums that make excellent gifts for friends and family. Call 917.544.1871 for an appointment.

For more information: Michael Jurick Photography

Price: $600.00 for approximately 1-hour session, which includes three 4 x 6 prints, three 5 x 7 prints and one 11×14 print as well as an online gallery; book, $325.00. Mention AskMelissa and receive 10% off one session.

Natural Beauty Captured on Camera

I’m looking for high-end landscape photography at an affordable price. Do you have any suggestions?

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