July 2021

My Quest to Find Pierre Hardy for Gap Shoes

Pierre Hardy

I’ve been obsessed—literally, obsessed—with getting my hands on the Pierre Hardy for Gap black suede lace-up wedges since the collaboration was announced at the end of the summer. So obsessed that I’ve been saving a little stash of money for the pure purpose of chasing down the shoes, and have restrained myself with quite some difficulty from buying a less adorable yet more easily accessible look-alike. So you can imagine my despair when their release date was pushed back from October 19th to October 28th, my elation when the date was moved up again to October 25th, and my utter despair when on Monday the sales associate in the Gap flagship on Fifth Avenue told me the shoes would not be available until the next day, October 26th. Adding to this desperation was the fact that only 8 or 9 pairs of the shoes would be available in their respective sizes, which would not be a huge issue except for the fact that I was blessed with the most average of shoe sizes. I instantly checked Racked for an update on their quest for the shoes. I have to admit I was a little relieved to hear that they hadn’t found them yet either.

You would think that this would all be enough to derail me from my journey to Pierre Hardy awesomeness, but I guess you can’t stop shoe-crazed inertia. With only a glimmer of hope I decided to check back into the Gap on Fifth Avenue after work on the 26th and instantly tracked down the nearest sales associate, begging for merely a glimpse at these most elusive of shoes. He stated that only two pairs remained and asked for my shoe size. I answered with a range of 38.5-39, to which he replied, “Let’s hope you fit into this 40” and opened the gates of heaven.

And then there they were in all of their wedge-heeled, peep-toe, lace-up glory. I just knew they would fit, or knew I would convince myself that they did. I slipped one on my foot (the foot that is a little bigger than the other, of course) and was sold. Before any other Pierre Hardy fans could rip them away I proceeded to the register and purchased the covetable wedges for a slightly steep but totally worth-it $195. I sit here now in my new Pierre Hardy for Gap shoes, feeling quite proud of myself.

If you weren’t as desperate (or crazy) as me about getting your hands on these shoes and missed them in stores, don’t fret. Apparently shipments on the shoes are slowly trickling into Gap stores in major cities including NYC, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Good luck tracking them down, and happy shopping! —Kate Bryan