October 2021

Desire : Acquire


By Hattie MacAndrews

Private helicopters: one great Father’s Day gift idea, two budgets. Which helicopter for sale fits your wallet?

Eurocopter EC145 “Mercedes-Benz Style”

Just when you thought life couldn’t get any more luxurious for those lucky in opulence, it has. Forget David Beckham owning a luxury residence on the island of Palm Jumeirah. Forget Paris Hilton creating a zoo in her backyard. Remember this: The Eurocopter EC145 “Mercedes-Benz Style”. The innovative design is ground-breakingly beautiful. If he likes to vacation with several sets of golf clubs, and bring along his friends and their several sets of golf clubs, then this is the father’s day gift for him. And when it’s your turn to go, imagine never having to decide what to pack. Pack everything! There’s room. And the price? As the saying goes, if you need to ask . . .

For information, email Eurocopter

u-Control Silver Bullet Mini RC Helicopter
Need to downsize those Eurocopter dreams? This mini remote-control helicopter may not be big enough for him and his golf buddies, but it’s absolutely worth a go. Not just a toy helicopter, this gizmo is packed with hours and hours of entertainment. Fly it in the park, fly it in your bedroom, fly it while laying in the bathtub. The best thing about it? You don’t need a license—or gold bullion—to give this remote-control helicopter a whirl.

Buy u-Control Helicopter, $29.95, at brookstone.com

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