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The Top 5 Skin Care Ingredients You Need to Know

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If “hyaluronic acid” sounds to you like the last thing you’d want to put on your face and “ceramide” makes you think of pottery, you’re not alone. Unless you studied product labels as your foreign language of choice, it can be tough to figure out what all those science-y terms mean. Below, we break it down to the basics, highlighting five common skin care ingredients you’re bound to run into — and exactly what they do.

Hyaluronic Acid

What it is: A naturally occurring substance in the human body that regulates cell renewal, lubricates connective tissue and maintains skin’s moisture and elasticity.

What it does: When used topically, hyaluronic acid creates a moisture barrier on the skin, helping to make it smoother and softer. This ingredient is able to hold up to 1000x its own weight in water, thus producing amazing benefits for dehydrated skin. As an injectable, hyaluronic acid works as a plumper, filling wrinkles and fine lines. Because it is already naturally present in our bodies, hyaluronic acid is a safer alternative to synthetic ingredients and is less likely to be rejected as a foreign substance. The molecule, however, is quite large and can’t fully penetrate the outer layers of the skin to fill wrinkles when used topically.

Try: Peter Thomas Roth VIZ-1000 75% Hyaluronic Acid Complex ($65,; Caudalíe Vinexpert Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Radiance Day Cream ($75,, Juvederm (find a doctor at

Six Drugstore Products That Everybody Should Have

Good skincare doesn’t have to be expensive, which is why New York Dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD is sharing her favorite drugstore items. From a cleanser to night cream, we have all the items you need to get through the day with great looking skin.
Dr. Jaliman’s Views On Skincare

It’s a constant refrain of mine – nobody has to go broke to have good skin. Yes, some specialized treatments, such as botox and lasers, can be pricey. So can department store brands, many of which are effective but really over-priced. The truth is the essential products for good skin are usually available at most drugstores, and they certainly won’t break the bank.

“It” Girl Julie Macklowe’s Best-Kept Secrets and Tips


“It” Girl and former hedge fund manager Julie Macklowe is a regular on the New York City socialite scene and recently founded vbeaute, one of the best new skincare lines available (her fab products are made in the same lab as La Prairie products and sell for a fraction of the price). As a mom, philanthropist, entrepreneur, surfer and girl-about-town, she has many best-kept secrets, tips, and experiences to share. I caught up with Julie to find out the details on her new venture, her personal skincare regimen, fashion faves and more!

Melissa Meyers: What inspired you to start a skincare line?
Julie Macklowe: I was on my way to Europe for a wedding; TSA authorities took my toiletries. Then of course I paid a fortune for the “best” products in Paris only to end up breaking out in hives. I decided this was never going to happen to me or any other women again, so I sketched out the It Kit and found the best lab in Switzerland, the CRB lab, to source the very best botanicals based on a new active [called] the Swiss Alpine Rose – a flower that grows high in the swiss alps, dies and rejuvenates itself each spring just like your skin, and combined it with a patented BioCellular tri-peptide, the latest anti-age technology. That wasn’t enough though as I am very sensitive, I made the line Paraben free, fragrance free, gluten free, nut and oat free so almost anyone can use the vbeaute skincare system. Last, I was sick of paying too much, even though one of the world’s best labs makes our products, the line ranges from $18-$165 so that hopefully everyone can afford terrific skincare.

MM: What makes vbeaute different from other skincare brands out there?
JM: Vbeaute is TSA- friendly and contains the latest in anti-aging Swiss Alpine Rose botanical technology.

MM: What are your best hints for packing and traveling?
JM: All you need to do is shut/bring the It Kit. It’s lightweight and plastic and we minimized all packaging materials so it scans right through security. I recommend always using a carry-on, plan one set of color tones, either black and grays or browns and purples and mix and match outfits. I also believe in rolling to get the maximum amount of clothes in, and wearing vibram shoes to run which take almost no space at all.

MM: What’s your daily beauty regimen?
JM: Vbeaute all the way for skincare. I use the same routine morning and evening- takes me 60 seconds, it’s very simple: cleanse daily with evidence eraser, a pump of undercover agent anti age serum, a pump of lite up brightening agent, mix into palms and apply all over, a dab of buying time every day cream and a bit more if its a drier climate or winter  and eye never anti wrinkle eye cream, above and below my eyes. I use rub off all over my body and on my face 2-3 time a week to exfoliate and evidence eraser to cleanse my body. I actually use buying time every day cream as a body moisturizer — I want my entire body young not just my face!

MM: You are very experimental with your hair. What are some of your favorite styles? Must-have haircare products?
JM: I have never been afraid of taking risks. You can go on and look at some pictures from vintage 2004-2005, super scary beehives…not sure what I was thinking then. I love using Terax conditioner and shampoo and a squirt or two of Bumble and Bumble Prep — I don’t use much else. I love those Mason Pearson brushes too.

MM: You’ve been named one of the Best Dressed New Yorkers. How would you describe your style? What’s your every day go-to outfit? Name one item every woman needs in her wardrobe. Who are your favorite designers?
JM: I don’t believe in dressing down, ever. My go-to outfit depends on the day, my mood and the weather. I like wearing everything from ball gowns to leather biker shorts and a tee shirt, it’s all mood based really, depending on how I feel and what I think is interesting to wear in a given season. I love getting things made by fabulous designers, but who wouldn’t? I’ve been fortunate enough to have had one of a kind dresses made by Jason Wu, Chris Benz, Dolce and Gabbana and Zang Toi to name a few. I guess I’d rather own one or two fabulous things from a given season than a lot of things I’ll never wear again. When I look at fashion pieces they should be memorable but still wearable 10 years later.

MM: As someone who is often photographed, do you have any tips for how to look best in photos?
JM: Have a shot of tequila before you take a photo — always helps me out! I’m the worst at looking normal in photographs, I sometimes hate my husband because he’s always the single most handsome man in the world when he gets photographed. I actually don’t think he’s taken a bad picture in his life; you should really be asking him this question not me.

MM: What do you do to look extra special for a red carpet event or gala?
JM: I have a make-up artist Nico Guillis and a hair guy who is amazing, David Von Cannon, who does major events. Often though I do it myself, minimal makeup and hope the dress speaks the loudest and I let the dress speak for itself. I don’t love wearing a ton of makeup and prefer a natural look unless I’m going insane. On a daily basis I wear vbeaute, a zinc SPF, a tad of mascara and a light gloss. I believe if you use great skincare products you don’t need to wear a lot of makeup as your skin tone tends to even out with good products.

MM: You’re an investor in Bauble Bar, one of our favorite e-commerce accessories sites. What are some of your favorite ways to accessorize?
JM: I love all of and the Erickson Beamon collection was one of my favorites. They are amazing and I love their stuff. I think its either about big earrings with a cuff or a necklace and lots of rings — most of my rings are made by my friend MAUD (Maud Cabot) who does Steven Tyler’s jewelry – she sells at Jeffrey and Maxfields and is amazing!

MM: What’s one item you can’t leave home without?
JM: My iPhone and a sample of vbeaute to pass out — okay two, but one is small.

MM: Your Hamptons home has been featured in Hamptons Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar. Any tips for decorating or entertaining?
JM: Go minimal. Less is more is my philosophy in life.

MM: What do you do to stay healthy and in shape?
JM: I run barefoot in vibrams. Probably run 4-7 miles 4 to 5 times a week and I do ashtanga yoga, surf if it’s summer (paddle board if no waves), ski in winter (I’m from Aspen and love skiing), lift free weights, do abs and calorie count (I recommend the app to keep from eating junkfood nonstop). I’m a bit of a health nut although I seem to think of myself as sedentary since it feels like I’m often in front of a computer working. I love long runs on the beach and being outside.

MM: What’s your guilty pleasure?
JM: Is this where 50 Shades of Grey comes into play?

MM: What’s your next project?
JM: Making vbeaute a household name.

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Photo Credit: (Below) Kyle Norton 

Before the age of 30, Julie Macklowe managed a multi-million dollar hedge fund, was a fashion socialite, a mom, achieved “It Girl” status, and lived an on-the-go lifestyle. After years of searching for skincare products that could make a difference, meet her daily multitasking needs, be luxurious, sensual, yet results-driven, she realized nothing like that existed and began her journey to re-invent serious skincare for the modern woman. Intense research and extensive networking—the tools of her financial world success—helped Julie find the rarest botanicals and the most advanced skincare bio-technology that would focus on the dramatic delay of aging skin. Julie found and partnered with CRB High Performance Lab of Geneva, Switzerland, a world leader in innovative skin treatment, and started working with their top molecular scientists. These scientists introduced Julie to the Swiss botanical stem-cells from the Alpine Rose plant, one of the Longevity Botanicals that have developed near miraculous anti-aging abilities as they’ve adapted over centuries to the harsh conditions such as cold, UV and severe dryness in the High Alps.

5 Superfoods for Beautiful Skin

Countless skincare products claim to give you results simply by applying them.  But did you know we can change the way our skin looks on the outside by what we put inside our bodies?  Incorporating superfoods into your diet can help improve your skin.  Dr. Nicholas Perricone, creator of the skincare lines Perricone MD and SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, has spent years researching how what we eat can affect how our skin appears, feels and even ages.  Dr. Perricone shares with us 5 superfoods for beautiful skin:

There are many superfoods that benefit the skin—here is a sampling.

1. Wild salmon and other cold water fish (salmon, sardines, herring, trout, etc.) are great sources of protein, necessary to maintain and repair the body—including the skin on a cellular level.  Protein cannot be stored.  For optimum health and cellular repair we need quality protein at each meal.   When rating a food either pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory, we find that protein is neutral.  However, some sources of protein, such as the fish listed above, provide powerful anti-inflammatory benefits for two reasons:
·         They are high in anti-inflammatory omega 3 essential fatty acids which keeps skin radiant, supple and wrinkle free, moods upbeat and brain functioning is at optimal levels
·         Wild salmon’s pink or red color, owes its pigment to astaxanthin, a super  carotenoid anti-oxidant with potent anti-inflammatory properties

2. Green Foods.  Green Foods are young cereal grasses like barley grass and wheat grass.  Nutritionally, they are close cousins to dark green leafy vegetables, but offer greater levels of “nutrient density.”  An ounce of concentrated green foods contains more of the beneficial phytonutrients found in an ounce of green vegetables. Green foods, such as Green Magma™ detoxify the body to keep skin clear and radiant.

Studies show that green foods have marked beneficial effects on cholesterol, blood pressure, immune response, and cancer prevention. These effects are attributed in part to their high concentrations of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll, the phyto-chemical that gives leaves, plants, and algae their green hues, is the plant equivalent of the oxygen-carrying red pigment hemoglobin in red blood cells. Dietary chlorophyll inhibits disease bacteria and exerts therapeutic effects on bad breath and internal odors.

3. When it comes to maintaining beautiful skin and keeping unwanted pounds at bay, beans and lentils are a body’s best friend.  They are very low-glycemic and unlike sugary, starchy foods, won’t cause a rapid rise in blood sugar.  They are anti-inflammatory foods, key in preventing dull, dry, wrinkled sagging skin and body fat.

4. Olives and extra virgin olive oil.  We need a source of good fats in our diet to help us absorb nutrients from our vegetables and fruits, keep our cells supple, skin glowing and wrinkle-free, brains sharp and mood upbeat.  We also need dietary fat to burn fat.  Extra virgin olive oil contains oleic acid, which helps us to absorb the omega-3s and other vitamins and nutrients from our foods.  Oleic acid is vital in keeping the outer portion of the cell, known as the cell plasma membrane supple, thereby allowing nutrients to enter the cell and wastes to exit.

5. Green Tea contains polyphenols which help eliminate inflammation-producing free radicals.  Polyphenols protect healthy cells from cancer causing DNA damage, while ushering cancer cells to their death.  Another remarkable finding is the power of green tea polyphenols known as  EGCG to reactivate dying skin cells.  Researchers consider this amazing energizing of dying skin cells to potential benefit skin diseases such as psoriasis, ulcers, rosacea, wounds—and wrinkles.

Check out Dr. Perricone’s line of products Perricone MD and Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone

Nicholas V. Perricone, M.D. is a board certified dermatologist, world-renowned anti-aging expert, award-winning inventor, educator, philanthropist and creator and host of a series of Public Television specials which aired nationally on PBS-TV. He is also the author of several New York Times Best Sellers, including The Wrinkle Cure, The Perricone Prescription, The Perricone Promise and most recently Forever Young.Dr. Perricone is Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine. He is certified by the American Board of Dermatology, is a Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and the Society of Investigative Dermatology. Dr. Perricone has served as Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Yale School of Medicine and as Chief of Dermatology at the state of Connecticut’s Veterans Hospital.Dr. Perricone is the recipient of the Eli Whitney Award, presented by The Connecticut Intellectual Property Law Association to an outstanding individual who has made significant contributions to science, invention and technology. Prior recipients include National Medal of Science beneficiary, Igor Sikorsky, (founder of Sikorsky aircraft) inventor of the first practical helicopter, which established the bedrock upon which today’s helicopter industry rests, and Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome – the lightest, strongest and most cost-effective structure ever devised. Dr. Perricone is also the recipient of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) 2000 Norman E. Clark, Sr. Lecture Award for his, “dedication and contributions towards advancing Complementary and Alternative Medicine.”Dr. Perricone holds dozens of US and international patents for the treatment of skin and systemic disease, and for the use of topical anti-inflammatory formulations to reverse and prevent damage to skin caused by chronological age, poor nutrition, hormonal changes and environment stress. He is the author of numerous scientific articles, is a contributing editor to the peer-reviewed medical journal Skin and Aging, and is a member of the editorial board of Archives of Gerontology & Geriatrics. He has contributed a chapter on antioxidants and aging for Skin Diseases in the Elderly, a recent textbook written by scientists from Stanford University.

Dr. Perricone is internationally recognized as a pre-eminent scientific expert in the fields of health, beauty and anti-aging and is regarded as the father of the Inflammation Theory of Aging. Dr. Perricone’s initial quest to find ways to stop, prevent and reverse the negative effects of chronic and sub-clinical inflammation in his dermatology patients laid the foundation for Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals, which launched in 1998. The company introduced his patented formulations and immediately set a new industry standard for product efficacy with results that often rival more invasive and potentially risky dermatological procedures. This new category, known as cosmeceuticals, has raised the bar in people’s expectations for topical skincare. Moreover, his well-known mantra of creating beauty from the inside out inspired the creation of a line of targeted supplements, known as Perricone MD Nutriceuticals, which work collaboratively with the topicals to achieve optimum visible results.

How-to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Tips from Exhale Spa’s Nutrition Intuition

In the health and wellness world, March is the month dedicated to nutrition awareness and at exhale we decided to celebrate with a day of awareness entitled NUTRITION INTUITION.

I was joined by two of exhale’s healers: Laura Benge, our National Spa Director and Rachel Lustgarten, R.D. nutritionist, Keri Glassman, nationally recognized nutrition expert, Katie Lee, Cookbook author and lifestyle expert, and Jeremy Bearman, Executive Michelin- starred Chef of Rouge Tomate NYC for a panel discussion on how to incorporate good nutrition, simple cooking and tasty food  into your life on a daily basis.

We spoke on the difficulties of maintaining a healthy lifestyle day to day and some takeaways on solving those challenges; tips like how to cook a nutritious meal in less time than ordering delivery! Prepare raw foods as soon as you bring them home from the market: clean the greens, wash the lettuce, chop the vegetables and store them in containers to be used during the week as dedicated meals or reliable sides for chicken or fish.

Keri made the point that a holistic lifestyle is key to a lean, sexy, happy body. And that it’s not just the food that you eat but your sleep, stress reduction techniques and peacefulness of your home space will all factor in to maximizing health and wellness. According to Keri, a spritz of lavender in the bedroom is a great start to a sleep worthy space! Katie suggested to start your week with a good nutrition plan and if you cheat a little on the weekend, you can start again on Monday. She also shared that preparing foods in advance, like boiling a pot of rice, quinoa or lentils, or steaming a bunch of broccoli and refrigerating are easy ways to stay on track.

Ask Melissa: Best Face Moisturizers at Every Price Point

My skin feels so dry this winter and I’m looking to find a new face moisturizer that not only works well but also feels good on my skin and absorbs easily. I’m pretty sensitive to fragrances and don’t like anything too perfumey. What products do you recommend?

I can totally relate as I have dry skin all year round and a very sensitive nose too! I’ve road tested so many facial moisturizers, and have come up with my “best of” list at all different price points. These moisturizers are top notch plus they have great anti-aging properties:

SK-II Skin Refining Treatment, BUY NOW, $150
SK-II has a special scientifically proven moisturizing ingredient called Pitera, made of a fermented yeast that produces a unique blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. This “secret key” (SK) ingredient was discovered in Japan at a sake brewery–the older people who worked there had mysteriously beautiful, age defied hands as a result of regularly immersing them in a similar fermented yeast mixture. I have been using this product for over ten years and really believe in it. The list of celebrity clients who use SK-II to keep their skin looking ageless is rather lengthy, and Cate Blanchett was a fan long before she became the brand’s ambassador.

vbeauté Buying Time Everyday Créme, BUY NOW, $135
Vbeauté is one of the best new skincare lines that was recently launched by Vogue It girl, stylish socialite and mom, Julie Macklowe. Teaming up with the top molecular biologists, Julie developed special formulas that include rare botanicals and focus heavily on preventing the onslaught of aging. The Everyday Créme is light but moisturizes intensely and can be used for day or night. The fragrance-free formula feels great on the face and is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin looking to try a new “tried and true” anti-aging product.

Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Restoring Cream, BUY NOW, $98
A list of the best face creams wouldn’t be complete without Shiseido’s Bio-Performance. This pink hued formula in a tub boasts a patent-pending blend of ingredients which boosts skin elasticity and promotes moisture retention. It feels super luxurious on the skin and yet has impeccable firming capabilities all at the same time. I use it nightly and also before I do any outdoor activities like skiing or running- it’s great for preventing wind burn. This cream is like nothing I’ve ever used or felt before–it has a very special texture that is super nourishing on the skin!

Winter-Proof Your Skin with Tips from a Celeb Esthetician

Christine Chin, Owner of Christine Chin Spa in New York City, who’s star studded list of clients include Penelope Cruz, Kate Moss, Hilary Swank, Rachel Weisz and Kimora Lee Simmons, shares her tips for keeping that summer glow all year-long.

PD: What are some of the biggest issues you see with skin in the winter?
CC: Dry rough rkin, rash and irritation, Rosacea, and wind burn or sun burn.

PD: What is the best thing someone can do during the winter to keep their skin hydrated?

  • Clean, Exfoliate, Tone, Moisturize, and SPF.
  • Invest in a humidifier
  • Try a Mask
  • Drink plenty of water

PD: It’s winter-time, so I don’t have to worry about wearing SPF, correct?
CC: Most people have the misconception that if the sun is not out, they don’t need to apply SPF. The main purpose of a sunscreen is UV protection and whether the sun is out or not, UV rays still exist.

PD: Can you recommend a facial or peel that would be beneficial to get in the winter?
CC: The best facial to get during the winter is one that hydrates and cleans your pores. For the peel, I would recommend something gentle and not too harsh, for example the Cell Gold Gommage Peeling.

PD: What are some of your favorite skin care products?
CC: Of course my own line. Other than my own line, I also love La Prairie and Sisley. For a drugstore brand, I usually recommend Aveeno or Neutrogena.

Celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler: The Newest Treatments in Skincare

As a dermatologist dedicated to offering my patients the most effective and advanced care possible, I pay close attention to the latest technology, products and research. In 2011, I discovered two new treatments – LaViv and Clear and Brilliant – that I expect will be major skincare contenders in 2012.

LaViv is the first FDA-approved therapy that uses your own collagen-producing cells to improve the look of smile lines. It employs great innovation – the fibroblast cells (which make collagen, elastin and growth factors) are drawn from your own skin to treat the fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the mouth. LaViv has proven to be very effective thus far and additional benefits of its use are incredibly promising. Personally, I am most excited about its prospects for acne scarring and peri-oral lines.

Clear and Brilliant is a laser treatment designed to be integrated into skincare regimens to not only address the signs of aging but also prepare skin for proper anti-aging maintenance before the signs emerge. It offers great results; skin is left more radiant and smooth, while pore size is reduced and it is suitable on all skin types.

While I am excited about these new treatments on the skincare map, I still stand behind the treatments and technology I steadily use like Fraxel re:store and Isolaz. Fraxel re:store is a fantastic laser for addressing multiple skin concerns. Outfitted with a dual hand piece, one side is the traditional Fraxel 1550 which improves texture, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, shrinks pore size and tightens skin, while the other side is the 1927 that works on solar lentigos, the brown spots we get from the sun. Isolaz works wonders on acne and skin prone to clogged pores. It is a painless treatment in which a vacuum and a broadband light are used to cleanse pores from the inside out.

We are lucky to live in a time when the landscape of skincare treatments is truly remarkable.   Whatever your skincare concern is, you should always speak to your dermatologist about it. There are countless and effective measures you can take to improve the look and condition of your skin, at your dermatologist’s office or at home.

As we begin the new year, it is always a great time to focus on creating a new and improved you.  And while feeling good about how we look is important, our health is paramount. So, I must remind you, as you ponder your new year’s resolutions, please vow to make skin cancer checks part of your regimen this year and always.


“Because my techniques aim to lower your stress and heighten your natural beauty, the benefits that await you could be infinite.” -Dr. WechslerOne of only two physicians in the country board-certified in both dermatology and psychiatry, Dr. Amy Wechsler is well known for her unique approach to all dermatological procedures—administering traditional practices only after spending significant time with patients and thoroughly understanding their emotional state of mind and the impact it is having on the outer surface. She treats men and women of all ages.

Dr. Wechsler graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Duke University. She earned an M.D. with honors from Cornell University Medical College. After completing her residency in psychiatry at Payne Whitney Clinic – The New York Presbyterian Hospital, she stayed to do her fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Fascinated by the fundamental connection between the mind and body, Dr. Wechsler completed her residency in dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Her hospital appointments include Assistant Clinical Professor in Dermatology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, and Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Equally respected by her peers and her patients, Dr. Wechsler is a member of The American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, the Women’s Dermatologic Society, the American Psychiatric Association, the Independent Doctors of New York, the Physician Scientific Society, and The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Dr. Wechsler is the author of The Mind-Beauty Connection (Free Press, 2008), and is frequently called upon by the media to explain and demystify complicated dermatological topics. She’s been featured on the Today Show, the Dr. Oz Show and The Tyra Banks Show, as well as extensively in print, including Marie Claire, Self, O Magazine, Lucky, W Magazine, the New York Times, Health, Allure, InStyle, Shape, Prevention, GQ, Redbook, Better Homes & Gardens, People, Stylewatch and others.

Fab Fixes for the Worst Beauty Crimes

Unfortunately, beauty has a bad side. Between late nights, stress and, sometimes, just plain laziness (consider me guilty as charged!), our appearances can go horribly awry. In honor of today’s Partner-in-Crime Girlfriend (have you told us why SHE is your Partner-in-Crime Girlfriend in the National Girlfriend Awards yet?), we’re letting the crime fit the punishment with fab fixes for your biggest beauty law-breakers.

CRIME: Late-Night Laziness

PUNISHMENT: Late nights and a little too much wine can often lead to laziness, especially in the skincare department. After all, isn’t that 10-15 minutes it takes to remove your makeup better spent in bed? Alas, waking up with mascara on your cheeks and foundation on your pillow is never fun. Cut your nightly beauty routine in half with Olay’s Daily Facial Express Wet Cleansing Cloths for Sensitive Skin (SALE: $4.49 at CVS). These pre-moistened wipes are alcohol- and fragrance-free and contain skin-nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and aloe—they even take off water-proof mascara! Perfect for ladies with sensitive skin and those who would like to get some shut-eye, ASAP (uh, everyone?!).

CRIME: Dark Under-Eye Circles

PUNISHMENT: So that double shot of espresso might be a totally necessary start to your day (and night), but too much caffeine and lack of sleep will start to show eventually. Fight tired eyes and dark circles with Aveeno’s Active Naturals Smart Essentials Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment ($9.59 on This easy-to-apply product comes in a roller ball that massages eyes to reduce puffiness while distributing anti-aging antioxidants like Southernwood and vitamins E and C. Bright eyes are just a swipe away!

CRIME: Bald Brows

PUNISHMENT: If eyes are the windows to the soul, then make sure they look awesome by not over-plucking your eyebrows. Thicker, more natural-looking brows have been the trend for a few years now and there is nothing sadder than seeing a pair of unflattering, pencil-thin brows. The key to a great at-home pluck session is backing aaaaway from that fluorescent-lighted, magnified mirror (use natural light and stand back a bit, believe it or not!) and dropping the hard-to-hold tweezers for an easy-to-wield option like the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer ($20). The shape and fullness of brows should complement your face, which means being able to see your entire face before and during plucking.

CRIME: Popping Pimples

PUNISHMENT: Pimples have the worst timing (job interviews, weddings, first dates), but drop the rubbing alcohol and tweezers already (popping a zit will probably just result in blood and having to cover an unsightly spot with concealer, anyway!). Try Neutrogena’s Rapid Clear 2 in 1 Fight and Fade Gel ($8.99 at Target) to effectively zap zits. Good guys like salicylic acid help erase pesky spots and fight any fade marks after the fact.

CRIME: Hair Help

PUNISHMENT: Every now and then I go a little crazy with the styling tools—I have a pretty intense relationship with my blow-dryer (…and my flat iron, curling iron, etc. ). Add over-styling to all that summertime humidity and fun (like swimming), and anyone’s tresses can get into some serious trouble. So, sentence your strands to Oribe’s Shine Supershine Moisturizing Cream ($49 at Neiman Marcus), a lightweight, creamy leave-in conditioner that moisturizes hair while fighting frizz, humidity and even defining curls—all while creating shiny and touchable hair.

What beauty crimes are you guilty of committing? How do you help punish your bad habits? What do you think of our fixes?

-Elana Lott lets you share your man’s mystifying moments, get easy tips for the healthiest, happiest and most fashionable you, discover our Girls Night Out events and more, all while earning OMG Points toward free goodies!

Buy Ahava Purifying Mud Mask, $30


Buy Ahava Purifying Mud Mask, $30

  • Deep cleansing mineral mud mask that contains purifying qualities and clears skin of excess oils and blackheads
  • Contains many of the soothing ingredients found in the waters of the Dead Sea located in Israel

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