October 2022

Josh Flagg and His Million Dollar Lifestyle

Josh Flagg is our favorite celebrity realtor! He stars on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing where he sells high-end real estate, published two books, and recently created an amazing new app that showcases the homes of Hollywood celebrities. His real estate resume reads more like a hall of fame entry, having participated in four record sales within the first four years of his career. Josh also has a fantastic travel blog where he shares tips and adventures from places he visited (more than 50 countries so far). We caught up with the accomplished reality TV star to learn about his exciting projects and personal style tips.

This home in Brentwood Park at 156 South Bristol Avenue sold for $15 million.

MM: You began your career right out of high school and in no time logged record sales, including the highest sale in the history of Brentwood Park. Is there one particular sale or client you’ve worked with that stands out in your mind as most memorable?

JF: My favorite sale was that of a home in Brentwood Park. A “Lord” from England called up and said he wanted to buy a home for $15 million and his funds were in an offshore account in Barbados. Everything sounded hokey. But not only did I end up selling him a fifteen million dollar house, I sold him the house and then re-sold it for him for $30 million within two months!