August 2021

IcyBag: Ice, Ice Baby!


We all have it—that secret stash in the bottom of our bags filled with beauty products for a midday touch-up. Unfortunately, products like lipstick and eyeliner melt easily in hot weather and can make a huge mess of your purse. Enter the IcyBag, a cooling, compact pouch filled with gel ice packs made for makeup. Perfect for traveling, this bag promises to protect your beloved beauty products on the beach, in the car, or wherever else your summer trips take you! —Colleen Haggerty

Buy IcyBag, $15 for 1 gel pack or $20 for 2 gel packs, at

Baggallini Jewelry Pouch: For a Relaxing Vacation


I find separating my tangled jewelry relaxing—I know, to each his (or her) own. But when traveling, there are better ways to relax! So I pack my jewelry in this lightweight, compact travel pouch. It has a large center compartment for chunky statement necklaces, watches, and bracelets, and the round shape makes it easy to find in any bag, suitcase, or carry-on. With 8 additional inside pockets, you can separate small necklaces to avoid tangles and easily find your earrings. P.S. If you’re planning to take pricey jewelry, pack it in your carry on for safe-keeping.—Daniela Apeloig

Buy Baggallini Jewelry Pouch, $17.12, at