September 2022

Prada Handbags at a Discount? Hot New Fashion & Design Sources

By Katrina Caspelich

When we hear Prada bags, our ears perk up. When we see Fergie sporting statement jewelry, we notice. And when names like that are connected with new websites or new fashion designers, we share. At the recent Fashion in Flight-The Collective fashion show and charity fundraiser in Austin, Texas, we found some new sources—and some PageDaily picks to go with them!

The Jewelry Designs the Celebrities Wear: Ana Reign Designs

A Russian native now based in Los Angeles and Austin, jewelry designer Ana Reign creates playful, one-of-a-kind statement pieces from large semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls, and sterling silver. Her impressive celebrity following already includes Fergie, Alisha Keys, and Shakira.

Buy Ana Reign Black Onyx Silver Ring, $1,300, email or call 310.497.3739

Buy Ana Reign Onyx and White Jade Necklace, $3,100, email or call 310.497.3739

Prada Bags at NYC Chic

Prada handbags at a discount? No, you’re not dreaming! But is the fulfillment of Dallas-native Shereen Koshnoodi’s dream. She collected designer bags as a young girl, moved to New York for college, then married her love of handbags with a career in e-commerce, selling designer bags for less. That’s one dream we’re happy to share!

Buy Foley & Corinna Glazed & Patent Large City Tote, $400, at

New Fashion Line:  Davie

As a child in her native Texas, Karina Sanchez spent summers locked in her room sketching. After a stint designing for a successful high-end T-shirt company, she has created Davie, a line of simple yet whimsical clothing.

Buy Davie China Doll Yoke Short, $84, email

Buy Davie Flounce Top (in Jet), $64, email

Up-and-Coming Jewelry Designer: Tenielle

Tenielle designs elegant, yet modern jewelry from Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, chains, bronze, and silver. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa and raised in Toronto, Canada, she’s been building her business since 2008, when New York’s Henri Bendel store singled her out as an emerging talent.

Buy Tenielle One Stone Chain, $290, email

New Hot Designer: Dora Mojzes

Based in Miami, the Hungarian-born Dora Mojzes uses a variety of fabrics, modern lines, and flattering silhouettes in her women’s clothing line. Her pieces are wearable and feminine.

Buy Dora Mojzes Blazer with Garter, $310, email

Buy Dora Mojzes Golden Sequin Leggings, $135, email

New Designer Jewelry: Margot Wolf

Margot Wolf has spent the last 4 years metalsmithing. Inspired by nature, she uses rich colors and timeless designs to create a collection of feminine, unique pieces.

Buy Margot Wolf Armour Ring, $185, call 210.843.6592

Green Fashion: My Green Pillow

The environmentally conscious Ami Brogan founded My Green Pillow in 2009 to develop products that reuse, recycle, and repurpose clothing. Currently, she’s working with universities to transform their used t-shirts into soft pillows.

Buy My Green Pillow I Love NY Pillow, $15, at

New Fashion for . . . Glamour Dog

This Dallas-based dog store is unlike any other. What started as propose-cute—graphic designer Casey gifts toy Maltese puppy with “Will you marry me?” on the nametag to fashion designer Cynthia—has quickly become a successful business.

Buy Glamour Dog Exotic Fashion Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar, $32.95,at

New Clothing Designs:  Adriana Cobo

Adriana Cobo studied fashion in Milan and worked in Italy and Spain before returning to her native Ecuador in 2006. Her first venture? Bambini, a line of children’s clothing. That same year, a women’s line, Galaxy, filled with architectural lines and futuristic volumes, was born.

Buy Adriana Cobo dresses, call Valerie Beiner at 305.374.6777, ext. 201

New Designer Fashions: Tashia Senn

Tashia Senn designs a ready-to-wear collection of high-end women’s eveningwear.  This 2009 FIT graduate turns to her world travels, the natural elements, and the diversity of cultures for inspiration.

Buy Tashia Senn dresses, email

New York Eveningwear: YS Couture

Yordanos Stefano, a native from Asmara, Eritrea, specializes in women’s luxury eveningwear and bridal gowns. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco in 2000, she is now based in New York.

Buy YS Couture wedding and bridesmaid custom-made gowns, $500–$10,000, email or call 415.971.3583

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Adriana Cobo Margot Wolf Armour Ring Ana Reign Onyx and White Bracelet and Necklace My Green Pillow Davie China Doll Yoke Short and Flounce Top Glamour Dog Tenielle Tashia Senn YS Couture Dora Mojzes

Up-and-Coming Designers Katie Gallagher and Amanda Eufer

By Katrina Caspelich

Up & Coming Designer Katie Gallagher of Veil
Only one year out of college, up & coming designer and Rhode Island School of Design-graduate Katie Gallagher spared no time launching her all-black collection, Veil, during New York’s Fashion Week this past September. The collection launched the new designer into the spotlight with buzz amongst editors, buyers, and fashionistas alike. A former intern for threeASFOUR and Anna Sui, Katie fell for fashion as a teen. “When I was in high school I used to vintage shop a lot and hack up the clothes I’d buy and turn them into something new,” the designer explains.

This New Designer’s Upcoming Fall/Winter Collection
Unlike her debut, Katie Gallagher’s fall/winter collection features hints of white, gray, and cream in flattering, well-tailored pieces with layered textures. Katie favors leather, silk, lycra, and jersey. The line is sold at Eva, Seven, and Oak in New York, and at I.T. in Hong Kong; and orders can be placed through Her line starts at $200 for some of her tops and leggings to a high of $5,800 for the Banded Jacket seen above.

Getting to Know New Designer Katie Gallagher
When not designing, Katie spends time with friends and explores New York City and manages to find time to run, do yoga, and paint. As for the new designer’s personal fashion sense, Katie lives in her Comme Des Garçons coat and black tights, and Haider Ackermann and Rei Kawakubo are among her favorite designers.

What’s next for the young, up & coming designer? Producing her spring/summer 2011 collection for retailers.

Fun fact about designer Katie Gallagher: She enjoys sipping concoctions with violet syrup, rose water, and ginger.
PageDaily Pick: To order Veil by Katie Gallagher Banded Jacket, $5,800, email

Up & Coming Designer Amanda Eufer of EuforiA
With her jewelry line, EuforiA, focusing on statement pieces, up & coming designer and native Texan Amanda Eufer lives by the phrase, “Go big or go home.” Having started with sugar-coated rings, this feminine yet edgy collection expanded to necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for those unafraid of bold accessories.

Amanda Eufer fell in love with fashion early on, when her mother would teach her about the sewing, materials, and patterns she used to make Amanda’s dresses for figure-skating competitions. With a degree in apparel design and production from Oklahoma State University, she interned at Marc Jacobs before working as Joanna Mastroianni’s assistant. There, this up & coming designer learned sketching techniques, draping, construction, sales, and styling. Now, Amanda works as a PR manager for a fashion and lifestyle public relations firm.

Getting to Know New Designer Amanda Eufer
Right now, this accessory-crazed new designer is loving the “all-black” look mixed with a fun statement piece. She favors rhinestones, pearls, and studs. When not hard at work on her EuforiA jewelry line, Amanda Eufer paints, takes photographs, and hangs out in restaurants sipping wine with friends.

Fun fact about designer Amanda Eufer: She hates flying and prefers driving if possible.
PageDaily Pick: Buy EuforiA by Amanda Eufer Unchain My Heart Necklace, $375, at

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Unchain My Heart Necklace by Amanda Eufer of EuphoriA Banded Jacket by Katie Gallagher of Veil Katie Gallagher of Veil Amanda Eufer of EuphoriA

Buy EuforiA by Amanda Eufer Unchain My Heart Necklace


Buy EuforiA by Amanda Eufer Unchain My Heart Necklace, $375, at

  • Layers of mixed-metal chains held together by cotton grosgrain ribbon
  • Features clusters of hand-stitched Swarovski crystals, pearl buttons, and small studs
  • Combines girly fun and edgy flair

Shop the Full Story:
Up & Coming Designers Katie Gallagher and Amanda Eufer

Buy Veil by Katie Gallagher Banded Jacket

up-and-coming-designer-katie-gallagher-jacket-250 To order Veil by Katie Gallagher Banded Jacket, $5,800, email

  • From her fall/winter 2010 collection
  • Fabrics include glue-treated leather and antelope suede
  • Lined in black satin with a wrap-waist belt tie
  • Modern and classic, it is great paired with anything from denim to skirts

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Up & Coming Designers Katie Gallagher and Amanda Eufer

Up and Coming Designers

By Katrina Caspelich

Ramy Brook

A former advertising executive and fan of Lanvin, Kaufman Franco, and Stella McCartney, Ramy Brook has taken her love of fashion and turned up-and-coming designer with her own clothing line. Brook creates the clothes she wants to wear to the glam parties, dinners, and luncheons she frequents in New York. Think low-cut silk tops and dresses retailing for $195 to $495.

Aimed at women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who want to feel sexy, these designer clothes are feminine and flattering, and individual pieces come in an array of shades from soft neutrals to bright colors. Her favorite? A go-to top that works for all occasions. No more “I have nothing to wear.”

When not at work or with her family, Brook runs, plays tennis, takes spin classes, and pursues her newest hobby, Mahjongg.

Fun Fact about Ramy: For a night on the town, she opts for dinner with her husband at Italian eatery Nicola’s Restaurant on New York’s Upper East Side.

Camille Vizzavova of Eddera

A former model, Camille Vizzavova has more than her looks going for her. She has her own jewelry line, Eddera, and a celebrity following. Think Victoria Beckham and Maria Sharapova, who both own Vizzavova’s favorite piece—the Greek Leaf Headband. She hopes everyone will splurge on Eddera jewelry, since it goes day to night.

Vizzavova fell in love with fashion as a teenager. Requests for her handmade jewelry sent her to train seriously under Adalbert Smoliar, retired head jeweler for Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris. Before moving stateside in 2001, Vizzavova designed for Boucheron and Chopard.

Now based in Los Angeles, she’s taken up surfing and plans to add bags to Eddera’s line of jewelry and hair accessories.

Fun Fact about Camille: She’s not only a professional gemologist, she also makes and designs the jewelry herself.

Ramy Brook VR2 w/chiffon, $325


Ramy Brook VR2 w/chiffon

• Stretch silk charmeuse with silk chiffon accents
• Comes in petites, and sizes 1 and 2
• Comes in an 16 colors (here in slate grey)

To order Ramy Brook VR2 w/chiffon, $325, email, or call 1-877-900-7269

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Up-and-Coming Designers: Ramy Brook

Eddera Greek Leaf Headband, $160


Eddera Greek Leaf Headband

• 14 K gold-filled with brass underneath
• Elastic holds headband in place
• Versatile; perfect with jeans and t-shirt or dress

Buy Eddera Greek Leaf Headband, $160, at

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Up-and-Coming Designers: Camille Vizzanova of Eddera