September 2023

Glasses Provide Perfect Winter Fashion for Eyes

Did you know wearing glasses can actually change the way other people see you? Well, according to a study conducted by the British College of Optometrists, people who wear glasses are often viewed as smarter and more professional. In addition, the study showed if you’re wearing glasses, you are more likely to get a job than if you aren’t wearing spectacles. So, it’s important you don’t just look at your glasses as a tool with which to see better, but also as a way to look better on a daily basis.

The Best Glasses for the Start of 2014

Want to purchase the best, most fashionable pair of glasses for the beginning of 2014? Then you need to start by analyzing the shape of your face first. For example, if you have a round face, Real Simple recommends you pick a square or angular frame that will make your face look thinner and longer. Even the most stylish pair of glasses out there isn’t going to look good on you if you choose the wrong shape for your face.


Photo by Flickr user Idhren

Don’t Just Pick One Style

If you can afford it, InStyle recommends having several different pairs of glasses on hand. This fashion mag says glasses are a great way to “showcase your different moods and styles.” One of the best ways to stretch your eyewear dollars is to purchase affordable glasses through Vision Direct, an online retailer. As with clothing, sometimes it is best to have several inexpensive fashionable and trendy pieces in your collection in addition to one or two expensive staples in order to give you the most style options.

Image by Flickr user Kris Krug

Better than Concealer

Did you stay up too late the night before partying, or do you have a colicky baby that keeps you from sleeping at night? If so, you’re probably paying for your lack of sleep with dark circles or bags under your eyes. A pair of attractive glasses with a small frame can help you conceal those flaws. You just need to make sure the bottom rim of your glasses will cover those puffy bags and dark circles.

Change It Up

There will be times this fall when the best fashion statement for your eyes may be no glasses at all. For example, if you are planning on showcasing a pair of ornate, dangling earrings, you may want to opt to wear contacts — if you own them — instead of glasses. Remember, if your point is to bring attention to the stunning pair of earrings you are wearing, you don’t want anything, even your glasses, to detract from them.

Another reason why you might want to opt for a no-glasses look is if you want to try out this season’s makeup trends. Harper’s Bazaar says one of the looks for winter, is a dramatic cat eye. This is one of those looks you don’t want to hide behind glasses. You may even want to accent a colorful cat eye with matching colored contact lenses — for example, an icy aqua cat eye could be set off with dramatic deep blue contact lenses.

Cat Eyes

Photo by Flickr user Ashley Harrigan

On the other hand, if you decide to wear interesting glasses, minimize your eye makeup. Instead, opt to go bold with your lip color.

9 Trends to Watch from Fashion Week: Fall 2012

During Fashion Week it’s easy to get side-tracked with celeb sightings, crazy street style and after parties! The shows and presentations are a big production and what they are really all about is forecasting next season’s trends! We saw a ton of chic looks and put together our list of the biggest trends for Fall Winter 2012. From feminine menswear and fabulous furs, to sophisticated cut outs and sensual pleats, we can’t wait for another fall to arrive!

Winter-Proof Your Skin with Tips from a Celeb Esthetician

Christine Chin, Owner of Christine Chin Spa in New York City, who’s star studded list of clients include Penelope Cruz, Kate Moss, Hilary Swank, Rachel Weisz and Kimora Lee Simmons, shares her tips for keeping that summer glow all year-long.

PD: What are some of the biggest issues you see with skin in the winter?
CC: Dry rough rkin, rash and irritation, Rosacea, and wind burn or sun burn.

PD: What is the best thing someone can do during the winter to keep their skin hydrated?

  • Clean, Exfoliate, Tone, Moisturize, and SPF.
  • Invest in a humidifier
  • Try a Mask
  • Drink plenty of water

PD: It’s winter-time, so I don’t have to worry about wearing SPF, correct?
CC: Most people have the misconception that if the sun is not out, they don’t need to apply SPF. The main purpose of a sunscreen is UV protection and whether the sun is out or not, UV rays still exist.

PD: Can you recommend a facial or peel that would be beneficial to get in the winter?
CC: The best facial to get during the winter is one that hydrates and cleans your pores. For the peel, I would recommend something gentle and not too harsh, for example the Cell Gold Gommage Peeling.

PD: What are some of your favorite skin care products?
CC: Of course my own line. Other than my own line, I also love La Prairie and Sisley. For a drugstore brand, I usually recommend Aveeno or Neutrogena.

Winter Running Must-Haves

Running in the summer is simple: Throw on sneakers, shorts and a tank and you’re good to get your sweat on. But in the winter months? Head out in less-than-stellar gear and you’re in for some chilly miles.

Just because there’s a chill in the air and snow on the ground doesn’t mean you have to relegate your running to the treadmill. Here are a few of my swear-by products that make running in the cold a total breeze.

Pants: High-quality running tights will be your best investment this winter. Look for a pair that’s tight enough around the waist so the pants won’t fall down while you’re running. Remember, your legs will warm up faster than the rest of your body because they’re doing most of the work, so don’t worry about just having one layer on bottom.

Buy Now, Nike Tech Women’s Running Tights, $65

Top: You’ll want a solid base layer underneath your jacket, and you can’t go wrong with all the options at Lululemon. They’re insanely soft, and thanks to the handy thumbholes, the sleeves don’t ride up.

Buy Now, Cabin Long Sleeve Tee II, $68

Top: I hate the idea of wearing a scarf or neck-warmer while I run, so occasionally I’ll opt for a turtleneck-style top to save on additional layers. This option by Under Armour is moisture-wicking (see ya later, sweat!) and thin, so you never feel too bulky.

Buy Now, Women’s UA ColdGear Compression Mock, $49

Jacket: Thumb holes? Pockets? Reasonable price? Yes, please. GapBody’s Fit full-zip jacket is ideal for winter running because the fit is snug—bulk doesn’t always equal warmth—and it’s cute, so you can keep it on for your post-run brunch date!

Buy Now, Fit Fill-Zip Jacket, $48

Leg Warmers: Yes, that’s right. Leg warmers. They’re my favorite and I like to think they’re making a comeback, at least in my world. Before it gets too cold, I’ll be out running in shorts and leg warmers. This knit pair by Harmonie will stay up while you run and keep your shins and calf muscles nice and toasty.

Buy Now, Harmonie Two-Tone Legwarmers, $9.50

Hat: Most running hats aren’t adorable, but this one actually is. Throw it on before you head out and your ears will thank you when they’re not frozen in the first mile.

Buy Now, Brisk Run Toque, $24



Ali Feller is a writer, blogger, marathoner, running addict and self-proclaimed gym rat living in NYC. Follow her training, reviews of local fitness classes and her daily attempts at staying sane in this hectic city at her blog, Ali On The Run (

My Top Five Black Boot Picks this Season

I love that there are so many different boot trends this season. Here are my top picks and how to wear them:

Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Boots, BUY NOW $495
I love anything Rag and Bone so it is no surprise that I bought these casual boots for myself last month. I find myself wearing them all the time with either jeans or leggings . These are simply the most comfortable boots I own. I know they are a bit pricey, but this style will last forever.

Frye – Harness 12R Shearling Boots, BUY NOW $318
Classic motorcycle boots are a staple. These look fab when worn with a leather or shearling biker-style jacket and jeans. Perfect for weekends or when you are doing a lot of walking!

VIA SPIGA Abbot Platform Wedge Boots, BUY NOW $275
A black suede wedge can be dressed up or down. These by Via Spiga are streamlined and work well with jeans and skirts. Love the cool detail between the wedge and the foot.

Vince Camuto Laird Black Boots, BUY NOW $210
I am 5’4 so love to wear sexy high heels (these are 4.9 inches!). I would pair them with dark-washed skinny jeans and a flowy top for some femininity. Or, wear with a long skirt and sweater.

MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Bromley’ Over the Knee Boot, BUY NOW $139.90
Leather boots with a stretchy panel make wearing high boots over your jeans a snap. This great-looking structured pair from MICHAEL Michael Kors comes in both flat and wedge styles…they are right on trend for this season and hit just above the knee.

Winter Wardrobe Staple: 5 Great Black Coats

Now that it’s getting chilly, I’ve been on the lookout for chic and quality coats that I can wear for winters to come.  Here are my classic picks with a fashion forward twist (covering various price points):

Helmut Lang Leather & Fur Combo Coat, BUY NOW $1,895
If you’ve been reading my posts lately, it will probably come as no surprise that I’m including a piece from Helmut Lang.  This leather and fur coat is amazing because it combines the look of a trendy fur vest with the edge of a leather jacket–it’s certainly at the top of my holiday wish list!

Andrew Marc Military Coat, BUY NOW $595
A pea coat is a closet staple so why not update it with the military trend?  I love the interesting neck and hem lines and the piping for an added touch of style.


Calvin Klein Drapey Wool Blend Belted Coat, BUY NOW $469.50
This beautiful Calvin Klein coat has a dramatic, oversized collar that is a great topper for a jeans and boots look or an office shift dress. Also, can be worn day to night.

ASOS Oversized Coat With Hood, BUY NOW $197.67
How cozy does this coat look?  I love the built-in scarf and the cape style. ASOS also offers free shipping and returns so if it doesn’t fit, it’s no hassle to send it back.


Zara Coat with Leather Edging, BUY NOW $159
This coat is simple and streamlined but the exposed zipper and leather trim add an edge that makes this coat stand out.

Changing Over Your Summer Clothes to a Winter Closet

So many of us in smaller spaces urban environments like Chicago, NYC, Washington DC or Boston– just don’t have the space to have all our seasons in one closet!  Here are some tips on how to make the task of the change over more organized and streamlined while also being smart about leaving those bikinis nearby in case of a lucky mid-winter trip into the sun!

1. Always wash or dry clean anything that needs it before changing over your closet- yes, this may take some effort on the front end for those of you non neat freaks but your noses and clothes will thank you when it is time to put them on again!

2. Depending on whether you have any hanging out of season storage or not, always try to hang items you would naturally hang if folded storage is all you have, take great care in folding the items clean and neatly into a plastic container which is hard and allows for clothes not to be smashed!

3.Try to keep one container ready for resort items or items you may take with you on a warm weather trip on top of other items for easy access!

4.When putting clothes back into your closet, especially wool coats and cashmere sweaters, pants and blouses- invest in a steamer to bring them back to life and give everything that sat for months away a fresh, fluffy feel!

5. Boots and shoes do well to get a boot tree or shoe bouquet in them. To help restore their shape and store them upright.
6. I stuff winter purses and totes with dust bags when they’re being put back into the closet, this will help the bags take shape again after being flattened!  the dust bags have a two fold use since I always use them for packing as well!

Melanie Fascitelli grew up in many places: Manhattan, Palm Beach, Denver, the Caribbean, even a ranch in Georgia. A lifetime of traveling between several homes led Melanie to understand the need for the right clothes-and to develop the know-how for finding them wherever she happened to be. As a hobby, Melanie began to dress her mother, her brothers and whoever else would let her. In fact, her style-conscious father, a fellow shopaholic, was the lone hold-out. Upon her return to New York to attend NYU, that hobby quickly turned into an infatuation.

While at NYU, Melanie worked for PR firm Paul Wilmot Communications, where she put her talents to work, consulting with designers and PWC’s many luxury goods clients to organize showrooms. Later, as an editor for Channel magazine, she developed a keen editorial eye, covering fashion and accessories and writing both news and feature stories. At, which was later acquired by eLuxury, Melanie further honed her knowledge of the fashion industry, outfitting celebrity clients, writing articles and helping to conceive and develop the site. For, Melanie covered European and American fashion shows as well as parties and celebrities, and then went on to serve as a director of public relations at Anne Klein. After going out on her own, she mainly worked as a fashion stylist and then a freelance creative design director for retail and showroom spaces in New York City, Miami and Los Angeles.

Melanie is considered the “closet organizer to the stars…the absolute guru in designing and building custom closets and dressing rooms…”  She has worked with a number of celebrity clientele. Her elite clientele swear by Melanie’s ten commandments of hanging outlined in her book, such as “Thou shalt hang as much as possible in thy closet”.  Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss, designer of international brand Shoshanna, lists Clos-ette as “…One of her top wish-worthy products sure to make any woman feel stylish everyday.”  Actress Lake Bell attests to Clos-ette’s success saying, “It will not cure your shoe shopping addiction, ladies, but it can help you understand how to store your 23 pairs of Louboutins.  I recommend it to every fashion slut out there.”

Today, Melanie’s distinct fashion sense and skills at working one-on-one to help others achieve their ideal style, whether in their wardrobes or their closets, have been channeled into Clos-ette. Since the founding of Clos-ette in the spring of 2002, Melanie has designed a line of storage solution products called Clos-ette Too…, written the ultimate closet guide book entitled “Shop Your Closet: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet With Style”, and transformed countless dressing room spaces around the world.  Melanie and the Clos-ette Team continue to expand Clos-ette through their evolving product line, an array of media opportunities including a television show, and by sticking to what they do best – working inside the closet. Clos-ette is a reflection of Melanie’s personal style and taste, both of which are brought to the craftsmanship and attention to detail of everything Clos-ette offers.  The Clos-ette team boasts not only Melanie, but some of the most experienced stylists, millwork detail designers and inventory specialists in the business.

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