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July 2022

u-Control Silver Bullet Mini RC Helicopter, $29.95


u-Control Silver Bullet Mini RC Helicopter:

  • Features the latest easy-flight remote-control technology
  • 100-foot range from remote
  • Flexible nylon rotor blades and landing gear
  • Built-in LED strobe for night flights and landings (that’s pretty cool huh?!)
  • Includes repair kit— that’s one way to save on aeronautical-engineer bills
  • No worries about rough landings (yes, we know there aren’t actually any passengers), because this helicopter features replaceable rotors and stabilizers
  • Recharge between helicopter flights

Don’t underestimate just how much fun this remote-control helicopter gizmo is. It’s kept our significant others entertained for hours, and hours, and hours. It’s affordable, accessible, and let’s be honest, it’s a great way to satisfy that inner child.

Buy u-Control Helicopter, $29.95, at brookstone.com

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